A Perfect Portrait, Every Time

Last week we blogged about one of onOne’s new releases – Perfect Effects 3.

This week, we take a closer look at the second new offering from onOne: Perfect Portrait 1.

As the name suggests, onOne Perfect Portrait 1 is about exactly that; getting the best possible portrait shot using simple and powerful retouching techniques.

As with all the new releases, onOne Perfect Portrait 1 works directly with Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop, or on its own as a standalone product depending on which you prefer. This means you can still benefit from the software even if you don’t have or use Photoshop.

The idea behind onOne Perfect Portrait is to reduce the time it takes to retouch and tune an image so you can concentrate on the art of retouching itself, not how to go about doing it. What were often the most time-consuming tasks are now automated within the software; leaving you to focus on improving skin textures and colour, removing blemishes or enhancing features like eyes and lips, rather than the technicalities of how to achieve such enhancements. Getting high quality images is now that little bit easier.

So what’s new in onOne Perfect Portrait 1?

  • Automatic Face Detection – Perfect Portrait will automatically identify a face within an image.
  • Automatic Feature Detection – As well as identifying the face, Perfect Portrait will pick out the eyes and mouth too. This leaves you to get on with the task of working on those areas, rather than having to specify them before-hand.
  • Retouch Brush – The retouch brush will help you remove any unwanted skin blemishes, stray hairs or veins by dabbing the affected area. The software will automatically remove or reduce them.
  • Skin Blemish Removal and Smoothing – Perfect Portrait will give you a natural looking skin tone automatically. It maintains realistic skin structures, so portraits don’t get that overly retouched or edited look. Wrinkles, blemishes and deep pores can be reduced if necessary, with skin given a smooth, even consistency.
  • SkinTune Colour Correction – Perfect portrait helps you get an accurate and natural skin colour automatically. The correction technology adjusts colour based on the skin colour of each face in the image.

All the above features are controlled and managed by you. You probably noticed the amount of times ‘automatically’ appeared in the above descriptions –  although the features are described as ‘automatic’, you still have the ability to control how much, or little of an effect you want to have. This means you can make an image as bold or subtle as you desire, and more importantly, means your portrait images still look natural.

onOne Perfect Portrait 1 will be shipping very soon, so keep checking www.colorconfidence.com for the latest, or watch the video below to get a further insight into the software:


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