Resizing an image with onOne

Last week we blogged about background editing with onOne Perfest Mask 5.

This week, we take a look at onOne Perfect resize 7 – the next generation image enlargement software.

onOne Perfect Resize 7 was launched earlier in the year, replacing the ‘Genuine Fractals’ brand previously used by onOne.

It’s essentially the same product, just with a new name. Perfect Resize 7 offers the same high-quality image resizing ability that Genuine Fractals did, which fast became renowned across the photographic and printing industry for this very reason.

The same tried and tested technology that worked so well in Genuine Fractals is at the heart of Perfect Resize 7, with the addition of several new features and enhancements. Using their ‘fractal-based interpolation algorithms’, which despite sounding a bit complex, the results will speak for themselves.

So what’s included in Perfect Resize 7?

Gallery Wrap feature

It’s common practice to print images on canvas and stretch around wooden frames for display. This is called a ‘gallery wrap’. However, when wrapping this way, you can often miss image details near the edges due to stretching the canvas over the frame. The Gallery Wrap feature will automatically create extending margins and reflect, or stretch the image without sacrificing any of the original content. This means the image impact and detail remains central to the display, not lost on the edges.

Tiling and Batch Processing

Large format printing from a small format printer. Divide larger pieces into tiles so you can prepare for printing on a standard sized printer. All you have to do is specify the paper size and overlap options, and Perfect Resize 7 will take care of the rest. You can also resize an entire folder of images, rather than doing them individually. You can specify the size, resolution, file type, colour space and add a watermark to the image if required.

Sizing presets

You may find that digital camera files don’t easily fit or match common paper sizes. This means that you often have to crop an image to ensure it will print out. Perfect Resize 7 provide you with over 60 built-in document size presets, meaning you can precisely crop an image to a specified paper size at the click of a button.

onOne Perfect Resize 7 – like the new releases from onOne – works as a standalone product, or integrated into your existing Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture workflow. Whatever method you use, Perfect Resize 7 will work for you.

Perfect Resize 7 is available now. Learn more about it in the video below:


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