Darkroom effects with PhotoFrame 4.6

Last week we took a closer look at onOne Perfect Resize 7.

This week, we delve into onOne PhotoFrame 4.6 – the design elements package for images and album creation.

With the digital age of photography well and truly set, it can be easy to lose the apparant charm and ‘authenticness’ of the traditional darkroom studio.

onOne PhotoFrame 4.6 has been created to add a darkroom touch to images, helping you create albums or scrapbook pages with a traditional feel to your images. It also gives you an array of tools so you can find the design element that’s right for you, controlling details like size, colour and opacity.

So what do you get in PhotoFrame 4.6?

Complete Library of design Elements

We briefly touched on darkroom effects above, and with PhotoFrame 4.6, it’s easy to add authentic film and darkroom effects to your images. Using an extensive library of elements, you can edit frames, backgrounds, edges and textures. The preview window helps you find the effect you’re after, allowing you a sneak peek before you apply the effect.

There is a vast selection of film edges and effects to give your image the finishing touch.

Design Collections

PhotoFrame 4.6 includes new layout design elements to help you create albums. From fresh and bright designs perfect for children and family layouts, to the event collection perfect for special occasions.

Albums with style

You can quickly create full-page album layouts for yourself or clients. Starting with a blank canvas, you can add backgrounds, resize and reposition images, and add frame and styling to your layouts. PhotoFrame 4.6 makes it easy to do this with rulers and guides, allowing you to save any created albums as presets for next time. All this means you can create unique album styles quickly.

And, like the other new solutions from onOne Software, PhotoFrame 4.6 works as a standalone application, or integrated into Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture. This means you can use it however works best for you.

onOne PhotoFrame 4.6 is available now. You can learn more about it in the below video:


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