onOne Software – The Perfect Photo Suite

Over the past few weeks we’ve blogged about the range of photo editing solutions from onOne Software, including the brand new solutions and recent releases. You can read about the individual elements below:

All work within PhotoShop, Lightroom and Aperture, or as a standalone application, giving you image editing precision and customisation that works best for you with ease.

And the best bit is, you can get all these solutions as part of the onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6 package. So rather than having to buy each individually, you can get them altogether in one package, saving yourself a few pounds too.

This means that you can retouch portraits, create layered images, customise photographic effects, edit backgrounds and resize images in one box.

You can learn more about onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6 by watching the below video, or by visiting our webpage here.

Also, if you purchased onOne Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 (the predecessor to Perfect Photo Suite 6) on or after the 7th August 2011, you can upgrade to Perfect Photo Suite 6 for free.


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