Retouching With Ease

We mentioned in our post last week that we would be looking to do a feature on Nik Software, following our extensive look at onOne Software before Christmas.

So with that said; welcome to the first in a series of posts exploring the complete range of Nik Software image editing solutions and how they combine to make retouching simple and rewarding. But, before we delve straight into their products…

Have you heard of Snapseed?

We initially blogged about Snapseed back in August (which you can read here), and we’re pleased to say that since then, Snapseed went on to win Apple’s ‘App of The Year’ 2011! But is it worth it?

Well, in a word; yes.

If photo-editing and tuning is relatively new to you, and you don’t have access to programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, then Snapseed is the perfect starting point to learn about the editing process. While not as comprehensive as the Nik Software plug-in range, Snapseed does give you numerous options and capabilities to get you started, giving you a foundation of knowledge that will put you in good stead for future, more detailed image tuning.

Snapseed’s greatest feature is its ease of use. On iPad and iPhone especially, editing is as simple as using your finger to swipe and slide effects and corrections to your desired result. The results themselves are, quite simply, amazing.

Many of us here at Color Confidence have the App installed (including the works’ iPad) and it’s fair to say we’re completely addidcted to it! What’s more, you can now install it directly onto your MacBook via the Appstore to get Snapseed power on your Laptop.

While probably not the best solution for the more discerning photographers amongst you (there’s the Plug-in software for you guys), for the amateur or enthusiast, Snapseed is a great tool.

You can learn more and download Snapseed here:

… Back to the Plug-in range; a brief introduction:

Image editing with Nik Sotware is easy, comprehensive and professional. A user-friendly and intuitive interface, combined with their U Point technology gives you speed and simplicity to make image adjustments across whole, or selected parts of images using Control Points.

When using Nik Software, no longer does editing JPEG, TIFF or RAW files demand complex and time-consuming techniques. What took hours to do in Photoshop can be achieved in minutes with Nik Plug-ins.

This speed is achieved using three fundamental features:

  1. Global adjustments – ‘sliders’ are used to adjust and apply effects to the whole image, which can be saved for later applications.
  2. Selective adjustments – U Point Control Points allow you to edit particular regions of an image.
  3. Visual presets – predefined looks give you instant effects, which can be fine-tuned to match your requirements.

We’ll look more closely at the way Nik Software use Control Points in their plug-ins, and take a closer look at Color Efex Pro 4 in next week’s post.

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