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How do you solve a problem like wide-format printing?

Neolt UV UK

The answer – Neolt

Back in 2011, we signed a UK distribution deal with Neolt UV UK as our specialist Imaging and Printing division.

Established more than 70 years ago, Neolt remain in the privately owned hands of the Poteggia family, whose philosophy of innovation, support and affordability remains to this day.

Neolt are one of the few vendors in the world who offer complete wide format printing solutions. The range includes next generation printers and accessories, as well as a multitude of supporting trimmers, welders, laminators and folders, with the aim of delivering perfect commercial outputs every time.

Neolt UV UK Wide Format Printing Systems for indoor and outdoor digital printing let you easily print a variety of displays, print-out purchase materials, billboards, vehicle graphics and backlight signage up to 3.2 metres wide.

Neolt’s Asterjet and X-Jet wide-format printers offer the highest quality commercial printing for exceptional value.

Learn more about the range here.

In other news…

New Booq Python range

The new Booq Python Camera bags are now in stock, see the list below:

The new Python range from Booq – the leading Apple accessory and bag manufacturer – is specifically designed to meet the demands of photographer’s on the go. Inspired by Apple, the range allows for secure storage of DSLR cameras and multiple lenses in both style and comfort. Learn more about the range here.

Focus 2012 countdown…

Focus on Imaging is now just over a week away (!!) with this year promising to be better than ever. We’re working on overdrive to get everything ship-shape in time for the show with next week promising to be a hectic one with the inevitable last minute tweaks to sort out! But, we’re raring to go this year, especially as we have a host of new products on show and a brand new stand design to look forwards to.

You can learn more about the show, and claim your £5 Color Confidence voucher on our dedicated Focus microsite here.

Nik Plugins, why do you need them?

Continuing our latest Nik Software blog feature, we answer a question we often get asked; why do you need Nik plugins?

Generally speaking, we get asked this by people wanting to start editing their images, but relatively new to the idea or the process and how to actually do it.

Often, people know they need to use a programme like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, but either don’t have the knowledge or confidence to use them. This is where the Nik plugins come in.

The Nik range synchronises effortlessly into Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture, meaning something that would take a long time to achieve in Photoshop can be done within minutes using Nik Software. So, rather than spending your time working out how to do things, you can just get on with the fun bit; making your images look amazing.

Black and White effects, image sharpening, HDR layering to name a few are all achievable quickly and easily through Nik Software.

So why do you need them? If you want to edit digital photography with confidence and produce supreme quality post-capture images and effects, but don’t want to have to spend hours mastering Photoshop – get on Nik Software.

View the range here.

In other news:

Until 31st March 2012, you can get an X-Rite i1iSis automated chart reader with free i1Publish software – saving you £767.

The ultimate colour management tool for pre-press and print; i1iSis is an easy to use test chart reader, enabling you to evaluate your charts and create ICC profiles in a matter of minutes.  This is an ideal solution for the likes of pre-press, high-speed digital printing, high-end proofing, photo labs, studios, large format printing and fine art printing.

This is definitely a device for the professionals though – visit our page here for more information.

We’ve mentioned Focus on Imaging 2012 a lot (have you noticed?) recently – and now there’s even more reasons to come and see us…

We mentioned exclusively back in January that you’d soon be able to claim a £5 Color Confidence voucher to be used at this year’s show. The good news is, you can get it now! Visit our Focus page here, fill-in the form and make sure to bring it with you.

And, let us know what you’re looking forward to at Focus 2012 by tweeting us using the hashtag #CCatFocus

Next generation onOne plug-ins for 30% less…

For a limited time only (until the 15th February) onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6 is available for 30% off!

You may well remember our extensive onOne blog series in the run-up to Christmas last year (have a look here), but if not, here’s a reminder why onOne’s plug-in suite is a must for people looking to get creative with their images.

Perfect Photo Suite 6 is the next generation plug-in suite from onOne software and offers all you need to make your digital photography faster and easier.

It encompasses the latest range of image-editing solutions from onOne, including; Perfect Resize 7 for enlarging and resizing images, Perfect Portrait 1 for simple yet powerful portrait retouching, PhotoFrame 4.6 to add authentic darkroom effects to your digital images, Perfect Layers 2 to create layered image filters outside of Photoshop, FocalPoint 2 to create realistic selective focus and vignette effects, Perfect Effects 3 with over 300 professional effects to make your images stand out from the crowd, and finally Perfect Mask 5 to quickly mask out objects or areas you can’t mask with Photoshop.

Effectively, this means you get an entire studio’s worth of effects and tools in one software package.

And the best bit… although Perfect Photo Suite 6 work’s as a plug-in within Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture (depending on which platform you prefer to use), they also works as standalone items. Basically, you don’t need to be an avid Photoshop user in order to get the best out of the software.

The below video will show exactly what you can do with Perfect Photo Suite 6:


Make sure you get your’s before 15th February to get 30% off… Order your copy here (and see more information)

Happy editing!

Creating Outstanding Black and White Images

In a slight change of plan to the one described in our previous Nik blog post, this week we’ll be looking at how to create outstanding black and white images using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.

In a nutshell, Silver Efex Pro 2 allows you to turn any digital image (colour or otherwise) into black and white one.

Inspired by the darkroom, Silver Efex Pro 2 is arguably Nik’s flagship product. Whenever we’re at a trade show it’s more often than not one of our most recognisable and liked products on show. Indeed, many of our staff here with a keen interest and experience in photography express how good and powerful Silver Efex Pro 2 is. EISA agreed too; awarding it ‘Best Product’ in their photo software category 2011-12.

So what makes Silver Efex Pro 2 so complete?

Black and white effects can create a timeless, classic feel to images. Silver Efex Po 2 quickly and effortlessly transforms digital colour photographs into artistic, sophisticated black and white images. By taking advantage of intelligent tools and presets, and Nik’s U Point Technology, you can open up a range of precise, creative and experimental options for black and white images.

Silver Efex Pro 2 includes a host of features, effects and presets to get the best out of your imagery:

‘Dynamic Brightness’ ensures that different areas of your image receive different brightening adjustments based on the tonal values of that area. This means that darker areas within an image can get brighter without affecting the lighter areas of the image and visa-versa. Traditionally this process would take time to do in Photoshop, but Silver Efex Pro 2 does this in minutes.

‘Structure and Fine Structure’ adjustments enhance light and dark uniformity throughout an image using Structure Control. This works by working precisely ‘between’ edges and defined lines within an image, consequently bringing out textures and details. Crucially, it does this without creating an over-sharpened look, which can cause an un-natural or over-saturated looking image.

A ‘Grain Engine’ feature helps you set the mood of an image. Using powerful algorithms, Silver Efex Pro 2 allows you to layer grain on an image using grain settings pre-defined by you. This results in a more ‘natural’ looking, nostalgic image.

These are just a few of the features contained within Silver Efex Pro 2, there are many others that make it a supremely powerful tool for editing images. For a complete feature run-down, the Nik Software webpage details exactly what you get in the software.

There’s also further descriptions here.

In two weeks time we’ll continue our bi-weekly feature on Nik Software, taking a closer look at the Nik plug-in range as a whole, and more importantly, why you need them.