Time to put our feet up…

Another year, another Focus on Imaging… DONE

I think it’s fairly safe to say that was one of the busiest Focus on Imaging shows for a long time.

From our point of view, the busier we are the better the service we’re providing, so we were more than happy to see our stand full for the most part – although, I’m not so sure our feet agree with us!

Going into this year’s show we had lot’s to talk about and demonstrate, particularly focussing around the new monitor calibrators from DataColor, and the latest releases from X-Rite. It’s one thing to talk about the importance of monitor calibration, but it’s another to see in action first hand. With both X-Rite and DataColor devices on show, it was a pleasure to educate and demonstrate just how effective a properly calibrated screen can be. We often find those completely new to the idea of calibration are taken back by the difference between a calibrated and un-calibrated display.

Our Nik Software demonstration and seminar area was back with a bang this year.

You don’t need us to tell you how good Nik Software is, but judging by the amount of people who attended the seminars every hour, word is spreading fast – so much so, we sold out of Silver Efex Pro 2 by the second day!

But that didn’t stop the interest. I think there’s going to be some very happy image editors around the UK based on the show sales figures. As with monitor calibration; it’s one thing talking about the software, another to see it first-hand. The expert tutorials by the likes of Richard West provided further insight into the power of the software, with even more experienced users picking up a trick or two.

Another popular feature was our monitor wall, showcasing the best and brightest monitors from Eizo and NEC. Coloredge’s and SpectraView References were the most in-demand, the best possible colour accuracy was clearly the order of the day – must have been all those photo-shoots opportunities inspiring some creative genius.

We hope you enjoyed the show in any case. It’s always a pleasure to meet our customers in the flesh and hopefully pass on a few tips or two.

Right then, time to start planning for next year… just going to put our feet up for five minutes first if you don’t mind though…