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New products galore…

As mentioned last week, we’ve had a host of brand new products to add recently and this week is no exception.

PANTONE have this week released 336 brand-new Pantone colours, meaning you now have 1,677 colourful ways to drive your inspiration.

For those of you new to Pantone – their colour matching systems are widely recognised as the industry standard way to communicate, specify and match colours. Particularly suited to the design and print industry, Pantone colours give the user a visual and code colour reference, enabling them to reproduce and demonstrate to clients accurately.

336 new Plus Series colours now give you even more choice and references to use. If you have or use the Pantone Plus Series already, you can get the new colours as supplements to add to your references complimenting your existing metallic, neon, pastel and process colours.

Learn about the range in Pantone’s below video, then see them for yourself on our website here.


X-Rite have also been busy launching the new i1Pro 2 device.

Based upon the success of X-Rite’s i1Pro series, i1Pro 2 features next generation technology to give you a complete colour managed workflow:


As before, you get 3 solutions:

  • i1Basic Pro 2 – gives you high-end monitor and projector profiling, monitor and print quality verification and spot-colour measurement.
  • i1Photo Pro 2 – specifically designed for photo professionals to manage your camera, display, projector and RGB printer workflow.
  • i1Publish Pro 2 – the ultimate in fully featured ICC profiling for imaging professionals to colour manage cameras, displays, projectors, RGB/CMYK printers and presses as well as quality assurance and verification.

There are also a range of upgrade paths available to upgrade from your old X-Rite device – you can find more information about these on

Say hello to j5create and iPowerUP

We’re pleased to announce that we have two brand new product ranges to add to our portfolio of products; j5create and iPowerUP Apple accessories.

The Apple market – or the Apple accessory market to be precise – has really picked up over the last few years, particularly thanks to your iPhones and iPads revolutionising the way we communicate and interact with each other.

Introducing iPowerUP

iPowerUP produce a range of integrated multi-chargers, solar charges and universal chargers that are slim, wearable, ergonomic, shock-resistant and convenient for industry leading iPhone and Blackberry smartphones.

The iPowerUP range is especially useful if, like me, you have an abundance of apps and music on your iPhone to keep you busy. These cases give your iPhone the extra boost to make it last the day and more.

iPower Case  – a stylish iPhone charging case with a rubberised finish that doubles the battery life of your iPhone.

iPower Tote – all the functions of the iPower Case in a sleek leather case with space for 3 credit cards.

iPower FM the thinnest charging case on the market with the added functionality of offering an FM transmitter enabling you to pair wirelessly with your car audio or audio systems in your home.

iPower Amp – a Bluetooth device that pairs with your smart phone and enables you to your favourite downloads with this simple mini speaker.

iPower Contact – a charging station for your iPower Case which doubles your battery life of an iPower Case.


Introducing j5create

j5create produce a range of USB display adapters and cross-platform connectivity devices enabling users to share keyboard, mice and files across Mac/Win/Tablets and docking stations for laptops.

As with your iPhones and iPads, Macbook and Apple computers have seen a massive increase in popularity over the last few years, often bringing with them the challenge of sharing data from one operating system to the other – or from Mac to Windows if you like.

j5create produce the solution. Their range includes:

USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 display adapters enable you to add additional monitors (up to 4 on a PC, 2 on a Mac) with resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 (USB2.0) and 2048 x 1152 (USB3.0)

Wormhole switches enable you to connect your mac, PC and tablet device and share mouse/keyboard, with file sharing across devices with a simple drag and drop.

Wormhole stations give your laptop all of the missing ports. Compatible with both Mac OSX and Windows, the Wormhole station gives you keyboard/mouse sharing and file sharing, plus USB 3.0 super speed, card reader and helps to keep your laptop cool.

Newport station has all the functions of the Wormhole Station, plus video support for a second monitor.

Both of these are available on our website. Visit our dedicated Apple Accessory section to see them.

Happy Easter…

Well, after we claimed in our last post that Spring had finally arrived by basking in the glory of 20 degree sunshine, it’s now taken a turn for the worse and decided it doesn’t want to arrive just yet… So rest assured we won’t be directly mentioning anything about the weather in this one.

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d brighten things up a bit by giving you a free gift with certain orders.

When you purchase a DataColor SpyderStudio, Nik Complete Collection, onOne Photo Suite 6 or X-Rite ColorMunki Photo, you can claim yourself a free Kodak Check-Up Kit, or selected Moab and Permajet Paper:

  • The DataColor SpyderStudio is a complete colour management and profiling package meaning you can set the lighting conditions at point of image capture, accurately set colour on monitors and projectors and make your printers colour accurate. Claim your free gift with this item here.
  • Nik Complete Collection is the ultimate photographic editing plug-in package, giving you six easy to use plug-ins for the price of three to use within Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom. Complete Collection makes use of Nik’s patented U-Point technology, making image editing fast and easy. Claim your free gift with this item here.
  • onOne Photo Suite 6 is a next-generation plug-in suite to make your digital imagery editing creative, faster and easier. Photo Suite 6 plugs-in to Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom, or works as a standalone application. Claim your free gift with this item here.
  • X-Rite ColorMunki Photo offers convenient, cost-effective monitor-to-print matching and calibration. This means what you see on your screen is what you end up printing out. Claim your free gift with this item here.

We’ve not long got back from this year’s Sign & Digital UK show. As with Focus on Imaging, it’s always good to meet our customers in person, we had a great time talking to everyone and we hoped you enjoyed the show.

We’re very much looking forwards to our next show; PhotoVision Roadshow on Tuesday 24th April. Details here:

Happy Easter!