Time to get and about…

Look at that, it’s actually stopped raining for a few days – perhaps we can now get out and take some photographs (just as it starts raining again…)!? Would certainly be a good time to capture some summery images with the trees turning greener and days lasting longer…

This leads us nicely onto the art of photo editing. After you’ve taken that simmering shot which captures the moment perfectly, you may want to tweak or enhance it slightly when you get back onto the computer. Nik Software specialise in this image enhancement – helping you get creative with your images and get the best out of your shots.

They offer a range of award-winning plug-ins for Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom allowing you to stylise and adjust your images. Black and white, HDR effects, stylised colour enhancement, image sharpening and noise reduction can all be effortlessly achieved in the Nik Software range. You can view the range here, or read our previous blog feature exploring the Nik range here.

And better still, throughout May you can save 10% off the Nik Software range on our website – so now you have no excuse to not edit your images to your heart’s content!

Image editing also leads us onto another colour management query – the screen you use to view your images.

A colour accurate display is essential for accurately viewing colour reproduction on-screen, lending itself nicely to the art of image editing. When using the likes of Nik software, it is useful to use a display that reproduces the image as closely as possible. This means you can edit in confidence knowing your edits are being portrayed correctly.

NEC monitors in particular offer this high-quality, accurate colour display, with many using in-built calibration devices to ensure accurate display longevity.

You can learn more about the NEC range here.