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Upgrade your old i1Profiler and save 20% – courtesy of X-Rite

As I’m sure you’re aware, X-Rite launched their new i1Pro2 solutions back in April, which we briefly blogged about at the time.

The better news is that if you already own i1Profiler software with the following devices…

  • i1 Photo Pro
  • i1 Photo Pro UVcut
  • i1 Publish Pro
  • i1 Publish Pro UVcut
  • i1 Publish
  • i1 Publish Upgrade A
  • i1 Publish Upgrade B

… you can upgrade to the new solutions and save 20%, as long as the product is registered with X-Rite and purchased over the last 14 months. Also, if you own an original i1Pro Spectrophotometer, you’ll be able to keep your device during the upgrade process.

During the upgrade, your i1Profiler monitor, projector and quality assurance functions will remain functional on the original device, while the new i1Pro 2 device will maintain all the current i1Profiler functionality previously coded to original device.

All you need to do is fill out a voucher and have your original purchase invoice to hand.

Sound a bit complicated? You can learn the full details and what you need to do to qualify on our website. It also details exactly what the i1Pro2 range is about… and full offer terms and conditions.

This video is well worth a watch too to explore i1Pro2 further:


Time to celebrate this weekend! (If you live in the UK…)

So, rather inevitably, as the Jubilee weekend rolls around, the sunshine has well and truly disappeared and the cloudy drizzle had arrived (well, in Birmingham anyway, congratulations if the sun is shining you…).

Anyway, how many of you are attending some street parties, or, more importantly, are designated photographer for the event?

If so, you may want to make sure you have these 3 essential items with you to ensure you take the best picture every time and image edit in confidence.

  1. X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
    This should be the first thing you take with you on any shoot – whether in the studio, or outside. The passport offers first hand camera DNG profiling and RAW workflow editing. It consists of three photographic targets: White Balance Target for accurate control, Classic Target consisting of 24 patch colours references for creating camera profiles, and a Create Enhancement Target for highlight and shadow details.
  2. Datacolor Spyder4Express monitor calibrator
    If you don’t “colour manage”, a monitor calibrator (to ensure colour is displayed accurately on your monitor) is a great place to start. The Datacolor Spyder4Express is the ideal ‘beginners’ calibrator for a single monitor which is simple and affordable.
  3. Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2
    Creating Black & White images just got a whole lot easier. Black and white images immediately carry a timeless, classic feel – perfect to capture the jubilee moment.

The above are a sure-fire way to ensure you capture your Jubilee images accurately, and edit them afterwards in confidence.

And, to celebrate the Jubilee, we’ll be giving you free delivery on eligible orders this weekend – starting this afternoon!

Check back to for more information. Enjoy the break!