Welcome to our 100th post!

Welcome to our 100th blog!

Since we started this blog nearly 2 years ago, a lot has changed both in the world of colour management and here at Color Confidence Towers!

We’ve added a significant array of new products and brands to our ever growing portfolio of colour management solutions over the last few years, and have even branched out into the realms of Apple accessories. Here’s a flavour of what we’ve added since we started this blog:

Rain Design – use your Mac in added comfort and style

Rain Design offer an award-winning range of stylish products, designed to ensure that when you are using your Apple Macintosh laptop or desktop computer you do so with maximum comfort, added safety and in cool, complimentary style. From laptop stands to iPad rests, there’s plenty on offer to accommodate your Mac.

J5Create – Cross-platform file-sharing made easy

J5 develop software and hardware as well as manufacture monitor connected companion devices such as dongle and docking, allows users a single or multiple point of access to all kinds of personal computers including Tablets and in some cases mobile phones, as well as cross operating system sharing between two computers.

FFEI RealView Packager 3D

The definitive 3D visualisation software for fast carton packaging prototyping, RealVue 3D Packager is a versatile software tool for packaging professionals involved in design, client communication and production.

These are just a few, there’s a host of vendors, brands and products we’ve added since we started this blog, all available to view here.

And, to celebrate this blogging milestone (and reward those who read this far down the page), you can get free delivery off your next order by using the code BLOG100 when ordering (valid until 16th November 2012).

Terms and Conditions apply, please read here for full information.

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