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TIPA Award-winning Optics Pro 8

Congratulations to DxO!

As we tweeted a few days ago, Optics Pro 8 from DxO Labs has picked up the TIPA 2013 prize for “best photo software”.

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) is composed of the biggest photography magazines in the industry said;

“When you combine the expertise of DxO Labs in image quality with a full-featured Raw converter and image processor, photographers will discover a powerful software tool for image enhancement in one workspace.”

You can read the full release here.

We’ve had DxO as part of our product range for a few months now as we strive to fill the hole left by Nik Software. You may well have seen us demoing it at this year’s Focus on Imaging.

DxO Optics Pro

DxO – particularly Optics Pro 8 – works in harmony with your camera and lens combinations. The software will automatically recognise your camera and lens to provide image corrections based on your kit. Downloadable corrections can also be sourced.

Think of Optics Pro 8 as precision image correction meets creative effects. The idea is to spend more time perusing your passion (taking photographs) and less time in front of your screen editing images.

The DxO website gives a fantastic overview of the product, with lots of interactive demo images and examples.

You can also pick your copy up from us here.

There’s a Pantone universe out there

When you think of Pantone you probably think of colour charts and codes

But there’s more to Pantone than just assessing colour. There’s a whole universe of Pantone accessories to bring a designer lifestyle to the everyday world.

Pantone Universe

From mugs and coasters, to sugar bowls and coin purses. There’s a host of Pantone accessories available to add some extra colour into your life.

After all, colour is essential to your life. The colours you love are deep and vital affirmations of who you are. Bringing those colours into your day and your environment is the ultimate form of self-expression.

Pantone Universe is a design-led collection for the home, the workplace and the road… Accessories you need in designs you want – and in colours you love, by Pantone, the author of the universal colour language.

Have a look, and add some colour to your much-needed morning coffee boost.

Introducing the latest in Apple cases

MapiCases are here!

We’re not just about colour management here at CC. If you haven’t had a look already, check out our Apple Accessories section of the website and you’ll see a host of fancy things for iPhone’s, MacBook’s and iPad’s.

The latest of which comes from the guys at MapiCases.

They produce a range of high-quality, 100% genuine cowhide leather iPad, iPhone, smartphone and e-reader accessories.

The cases themselves are durable, easy to care for and resistant to water and dirt. With age, the look and feel of the cases get better to create a more vintage look.

Let’s have a look at two in particular:

MapiCases Kolossa

KolossaKolossa is full cover iPad case that allows for multiple positions for comfortable typing, video or watching films. All ports are accessible in the case and a magnetic cover provides a sleep and wake function on compatible iPads.

MapiCases Alinda

AlindaAlinda is a high-quality 100% leather case for iPhone 5, handcrafted from quality leather with a super-soft lining. The case itself clips onto your belt and rotates 360 degrees for easy access.

To see more of the MapiCases range, click here.