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Exclusive Pantone Offer


Happy Holidays to all our Color Confidence customers! Before you indulge in mince pies and Christmas movies, check out our very exclusive offer that we have created just for you. For the New Year, treat your office to a brand new fresh up to date set of Pantone Plus guides in a convenient carry case. We are offering you a 20% discount off the Pantone Plus Essentials, or the Pantone Portable Guide Studio.

What’s more, with this special deal, we will also give you a free ColorMunki Smile monitor calibrator for both home and office use, giving you the happiness and confidence of viewing those holiday photographs, doing your online shopping and even some work, on an accurately calibrated screen.

So, you might be wondering what the difference is between a Pantone Plus Essentials and Pantone Portable Guide Studio and how this will help you and your office achieve the best work you possibly can. Well, with either of these Pantone bundles, you are giving yourself and your co-workers the best for selecting, specifying and communicating colour effectively and accurately in industry.


The guides contain all 1,677 Pantone Plus Series Solid spot colours, also the closest equivalent CMYK colours, and a further 2,868 CMYK colour variations, an essential set of colour guides when designing and communicating with clients in colour. These guides are all accurately reproduced on both coated and uncoated media.

The Pantone Plus Essentials contains the following six Pantone Plus graphics guides:

Pantone Plus Formula Guides contain all 1,677 of the Pantone spot colours with their mixing recipes, printed on both coated and uncoated paper.

Pantone Plus ColorBridge are essential for designers. All 1,677 of the Pantone spot colours alongside their closest CMYK equivalent. Each swatch includes the sRGB and HTML value for each colour printed on both coated and uncoated media.

Pantone Plus CMYK Guides contain an extended range of an additional 2,868 colours in process CMYK printed on coated and uncoated media.

The Portable Guide Studio offers the complete selection of all Pantone Plus Series Guides. It comprises all six of the Pantone Essentials guides and also includes an additional three fan guides: Metallics, Premium Metallics and Pastel and Neon guides. With these three extra guides, you are expanding your colour palette and ensuring you have as many options as possible when creating your work. In the Portable Guide Studio you will have more than 9,000 market-proven colours allowing you and your office to communicate effectively throughout your industry.

Along with all this, your free ColorMunki Smile is an easy to use monitor calibrator. It doesn’t require the user to have any colour science knowledge and is able to calibrate any LCD or LED display (laptop or desktop).  It will provide you with a before and after image to show how effective and necessary an accurately colour calibrated monitor can be. The ColorMunki Smile is very quick, and is a great gadget to use at home and in the workplace.

This offer will be ending on 31st January 2014, or until stock lasts.

Happy Holidays,

The Color Confidence Team