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Following the announcement of the Pantone Color Of the Year 2014- Radiant Orchid, Pantone have launched an update to the Pantone Plus graphics range of colour guides and chip books. Treat yourself and your office with a brand new up to date set of Pantone Plus Color Guides. This post will clearly identify all the changes and benefits of the update. This will give you the knowledge and confidence you need for accurate and enjoyable colour specification and control throughout your workflow.

Pantone have changed three key elements of their Pantone Plus range: the addition of 84 colours, the order of the guides, and the covers of the guides.




A key benefit of the new guides is the addition of 84 new colours to the range. This increases the number of Pantone spot colours from 1,677 to 1,761 colours. These new 84 colours feature a wider variety of shades and hues in purples and pinks (relevant to Pantone Color Of the Year- Radiant Orchid) and more vibrant blue and green colours. Having the extra 84 Pantone spot colours allows you to broaden your palette even further and work with an up to date set of, fresh and innovative colours. You will be able to create projects to their full potential and give your clients and colleagues the confidence they need to make colour decisions accurately and positively.


Along with the new colours, Pantone have changed the order of the Formula and ColorBridge guides to be presented in an organised chromatic arrangement, with all the colours in the correct order. The page sequence was last revised in 2010 and the subsequent addition of 336 new colours in 2012 and the 84 new colours of 2014 have been chromatically arranged within the new guides. When choosing colours, this logical order will aid you to make decisions based on colour families, and give you a better idea of which colours work together and don’t.


A key visual change in the guides comes with the covers of the guides and chip books. Pantone held a competition and invited Creatives from all over the world to submit their work and selected four pieces of artwork to showcase on the covers. The Pantone Formula Guide and ColorBridge guide display the winning images.

The Formula Guide Coated and Uncoated Guides have a different image, and each image has 7 variations. Your formula guide coated and uncoated will contain one of the seven sections of the winning artwork.


The CMYK GuidesPremium MetallicsMetallics and Pastels and Neons guides all have new covers as well. The Metallic covers are in a metallic paper, similarly Pastels and Neons is Neon blue. The corresponding Chip Books for each of the guides have matching folders.


Pantone Essentials, Portable Guide Studio and Pantone Reference Library will all remain in the same format as previously, but with appropriately updated guides and folders.


Click here to see the whole Pantone Plus graphics range and get your guides to start confident and accurate colour management today.

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