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Color Confidence will be exhibiting at an event near you!

Over the next few months the Color Confidence team will be exhibiting at a number of roadshows and open days across the country to showcase a range of specialist products from X-Rite Photo Europe and NEC.

The Color Confidence stand will include the complete X-Rite photo range including the ColorMunki Smile (Simple display calibration), ColorMunki Display (Advanced display calibration) and ColorMunki Photo (Advanced display and print calibration). As well as the i1Display Pro (Professional display calibration) and the ColorChecker Passport (RAW colour control and creativity for capture).

We will also feature a number of high quality professional performance NEC monitors for obtaining the best picture quality and colour accuracy, whilst maintaining value for money.

The events are free to attend and visitors will get the chance to see product demonstrations and get expert advice on how to get the best colour across all devices with colour accuracy in capture, on screen and in print. There will also be special offers and discounts on purchases made on the day.

Color Confidence will be exhibiting at shows as part of the Digital Imaging Show, Bigger Picture Roadshow and Calumet spring open days.

Come and meet the team on the following dates:

15 May – Calumet Spring Open Day – Birmingham
19 May – Bigger Picture Roadshow – Southampton
20 May – Bigger Picture Roadshow – Harlow
21 May – Bigger Picture Roadshow – Newmarket
22 May – Digital Imaging Show – Maidstone
22 May – Calumet Spring Open Day – Manchester Store
29 May – Calumet Spring Open Day – London (Drummond Street)
2 June – Bigger Picture Roadshow – Maidstone
3 June – Bigger Picture Roadshow – Oxford
5 June – Calumet Spring Open day – Bristol

For more information on the events and venues, visit:

Bigger Picture Roadshow
Digital Imaging Shows
Calumet spring open days

Pantone Capsure

This Spring, treat yourself, your office and your clients to a Pantone Capsure device, to accurately measure colours wherever you are and refer them to the closest Pantone match. This post will explain all the features of the Pantone Capsure and explain how this device can benefit and aid you on your colour management journey.


The Pantone Capsure allows you to confidently and accurately capture colour from any surface and match it to the closest official Pantone colour. The Capsure is loaded with over 8,000 colours from 8 different colour guides and the colours you capture can be directly matched to any of these guides for prime accuracy. The Capsure is ideal for all creative industries; allowing creatives to use the Capsure portably to match any surface to a Pantone colour, create colour palettes or descriptive mood boards for any project.

The screen on the Capsure is 1.75 inches and has a variety of settings, along with providing the page number, sRGB, Adobe RGB, Lab, CMYK and HTML values to the corresponding Pantone guide. The Capsure uses camera technology to pick up not only spot colours, but also can extract multiple spot colours from patterns and textures.


The Pantone Capsure comes with Color Manager software. This allows you to import your colours to the software and create colour ways and palettes. Palettes can be fully integrated and exported quickly and efficiently to Photoshop, Illustrator etc. The standard Capsure is updated via USB, giving you the ability to update your libraries, and is also available with Bluetooth.

Using the Pantone Capsure with any of the Pantone Guides will give you the best opportunity to capture any colour and instantly reference it to your guides, giving you accurate colour management and specification on any project you are working on for Fashion, Home and Interiors or Graphics.


Don’t forget, with the brand new set of Pantone Plus graphics colour guides, there is a guide for each member of the creative industry. Take a look at your Pantone Buyers Guide from our last Pantone newsletter, which explains guide by guide which is the most appropriate for you! There is a guide for each member of the creative industry, allowing for any project or design to be executed from start to finish with an accurate and effective workflow.

Order your Pantone Capsure direct from us today. Click here to see the Pantone Capsure and click here for the Pantone Capsure with Bluetooth.

Click here to be taken to the Pantone guides and see where your creativity can take you!



The Color Confidence team