RAL reveals why after almost nine decades they remain one of the world’s leading colour standards professionals

ral_gbRAL, the global market leader for colour standards, has today revealed why after almost 9 decades, they remain current and innovative in the architecture and design industries, with international distribution in over 40 countries.

RAL produce a range of colour charts, swatches, cards, fans, books and software for the professional and accurate selection and verification of colour for paint, interiors and design projects.

“We have succeeded for such a long time, because we make life easier for customers working in a wide variety of industries,” says Markus Frentrop, Global Head of Sales & Marketing at RAL.

“Due to globalisation and the fact that companies outsource many stages of their production processes, they need to ensure that a product is made of the same colour, even when the product parts have come from different parts of the world.”

“RAL makes communication about colour, much easier and more convenient. Everybody speaks “the same language” in terms of colour. If a colour is clearly defined by certain values, there is no room for misunderstandings” Markus continued.

RAL started to clearly define colour tones in 1927 with the launch of the first RAL colour chart, which consisted of 40 colours. The chart assigned numbers and names to each colour, creating a universal language. Today there are a total of 2,328 RAL colours, with RAL being the most used colour standard in the world.

RAL have expanded their colour range overtime to ensure they remain current and innovative. The RAL CLASSIC range today comprises of 213 colours that are available in gloss and semi-matt.

The following key milestones have significantly supported the RAL brand:

  • The launch of the RAL DESIGN range in 1993 provided a comprehensive palette of 1625 new colours
  • The launch of the RAL EFFECT range in 2007 added a further 420 semi-matt and 70 metallic colours
  • The RAL PLASTIC ranges were introduced in 2010, with 100 plastic chips matched to the Classic range and 200 chips for the Design range.

Color Confidence is one of the major distributors of RAL in the UK.

“For decades, RAL have been helping their customers to perform better in business and is still doing so today,” says Simon Prais, Technical Director at Color Confidence. “The long-term established availability of the RAL colour ranges is a key driver for many industries. People like the security of knowing they can rely on RAL to consistently provide them with the same colour’s over decades.”

RAL BOOKS are now available to complement each of the colour ranges. They are ideal for colour consulting, where colours are paired with descriptive words that illustrate a range of moods and feelings through colour.

For more information about RAL, visit: www.colorconfidence.com/ral

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