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Has it stopped raining yet?

The glorious British summer is in full swing and you’re all out taking photographs and keeping busy… or, at least you would be if it could stop raining for 5 minutes. This has surely got to be one of the worst summer’s ever?

Let’s just hope it brightens up by the time the Sport rolls around in a few weeks’ time. Speaking of which, will you be watching them at home, work, on your iPhone or laptop this year?

If, like us, you don’t want to miss a kick (or shot, run, throw, serve, splash and jump for that matter) this summer then you ought to take a look at these useful accessories to make your viewing experience that little bit better…

Spyder4TV HD – television calibration

You should all be familiar with the art of monitor and display calibration for your computer, well the same technology can also be used to ensure your top of the range television displays colour as it should be. The Spyder4TV HD will ensure your television is optimised to deliver outstanding colour and image accuracy.

iPower Case – extra iPhone 4/4S power

Watching the sport on the go? Make sure you view a full day’s play with an iPower Case to effectively double the life of your smartphone battery.  iPower produce a range of integrated, slim, wearable and ergonomic multi-chargers for iPhone and Blackberry smartphones. View the range here.

Set up your iPad or laptop for the ultimate sports zone

Rain Design produce a range of laptop stands and iPad rests to ensure you can use them in optimum style and comfort at home, on your lap or at your desk – the ideal way to keep up with the action when at the office.

And make sure you keep your device protected on the move with the Booq collection of backpacks, bespoke laptop bags and iPad cases.

Come on the sport!

Friday round-up

It’s been a busy last few weeks here at Color Confidence towers.

As we blogged in our last post, March for us is a crazy month with Focus on Imaging to prep, attend and ultimately debrief. In truth, most of February is also spent doing the same thing, and this year was no exception!

From my point of view, the last few weeks have been especially busy, particularly as this was my first ever show! I’d always had half-an interest in photography, or at least a grand idea that one day I’ll follow the England cricket team around the world photographing them along the way. Having worked at Color Confidence for just over 6 months now, I’ve come to realise just how much there is to photography; from input calibration techniques to making sure you print out on the right paper. Might have to put that dream on hold for a little while!

Focus further opened my eyes to the photography world. I’ve learnt as much in 4 days talking to you guys as I have in the day-to-day workings here. I can now fully demonstrate how to use a Color Checker Passport and ColorMunki Photo (just about) – which isn’t bad considering I’d never heard of them 6 months ago!

The show was hard work, but great fun. Having a quick look around (mainly when nipping to the loo!) there appeared to be plenty on show too, hope you enjoyed it?

Of course, what all this really means is that seeing photography through your eyes, and chatting to you guys throughout the show means I can see things from your perspective. I now know just how much work you all have to put into creating the perfect image, and just how many options there are available to you.

From this blog perspective, it also means I’ve got a better idea of the sorts of questions, queries and ‘problems’ you might go through. I really hope this blog eventually turns into a technical masterpiece for you, full of wonderful information, hints and tips to help you on your photographic journey… We should be posting the latest of these technical postings next week.

So, what’s in the news this week?

A few new products and/or coming soon products for you.

I mentioned choosing the right paper earlier, Tecco paper have just released these three new papers suitable for a variety of photography styles.

We actually had the Tecco stand with us at Focus, so I got to see their paper first hand. The image quality of the paper had to be seen to be believed, especially when viewed under a viewing booth or one of our Grafilites. In fact, we’re actually offering a money back guarantee on our Tecco paper range, and also free delivery this month… either way you can’t lose, why not give them a go? (And let us know how you get on)

We’ll soon be stocking the latest offering from Booq too, including a range of swanky new camera bags – if the prototypes are anything to go by, they really are very cool bags – and also a Booqpad for your new iPod2!

Technical post up next week, but as ever, please get in touch if you have nay questions or need help.

Adam Borriello
Social media & marketing

Friday round-up

We’re into November – or rather Movember (more on that later) – the night’s are drawing in, frost appeared on the car the other day and the trees are quickly changing colour. It’s a wonderful time of year full of vibrant colours and sounds – anyone off to a bonfire tonight? – and the perfect opportunity for perfecting your photography skills.

It may well present a great chance to enter our competition by capturing that picturesque, Autumnal landscape scene. We really do need to liven up our wall so please send in your pictures! You will be rewarded accordingly!

If you’re a photographer there’s a pretty decent chance you use Photoshop, Lightroom or Apeture. If you do, or are new to the software, WDL’s 13 cheat sheets are well worth a look – especially if you’re a beginner. As I’m quickly learning, there’s much more to photography than meets the eye – so anything that simplifies things can only be good!

An article published on the BJP website this week discussed street photography rights, and recent announcements from the Home Office about reviewing anti-terror policies and the potential effect on photographers. All sounds a bit complicated, but it’s well worth a read and definitely worth being aware of.

Another useful link; are you a young, aspiring creative photographer, graphic designer or web developer trying to find your way? Perhaps you’ve got all the gear, but aren’t sure what the next step is? Take a look at Ideas Tap, an arts charity established to help young, creative people at the start of their careers. It sounds a brilliant idea and a valuable resource to use.

I mentioned at the start of this post Movember. If you’re not sure what it is, have a look at this.

Yes, it means the gentlemen of Colour Confidence are growing – or trying to grow – vast amounts of facial hair to raise awareness for males cancers. All good.

It’s just a shame growing facial hair leads to ridiculous amounts or itchiness. And rest assured, I will be posting pictures of our efforts for you all to have a giggle at on here, and on our twitter. As of today, I can report that stubble length is still short stubble, I wouldn’t class it as ‘hair’ just yet… but there’s a long way to go!

I’m off for another scratching session.

Adam Borriello
Social media and marketing

Friday round-up

We have a new website!

After a long re-design and technical process, we have a swish new website design up and running, which hopefully makes your experience shopping with us a lot easier!

our new web design

We like it a lot. We wanted to create something much cleaner to look at and easier on the eye whilst making navigation a simpler process. Although it has to be said this is just phase one of the redevelopment stage, there a pages still to do and future pages still to create, but we’re getting there! If you have any thoughts on the new design, what you like or what you don’t like as much, please let us know – we really value what our customers think in order for us to improve things.

After all, you’re the guys that have to use it.

Find of the week from me this week… Have you heard of QR codes? Try scanning this with your phone:

Did you get to our twitter page? I hope you did in any case! You might need to add an app to your iPhone or Blackberry in order to read them – although if you’ve got a Blackberry, you’ll probably find the reader within your BBM app. They’re big in Japan apparently, and they’re starting to become more popular here and in the States too – you might have seen them on your airline e-ticket to save you queueing at check-in.

You may well start seeing more of these from us in the near future, to help keeping in touch with us a lot easier. It basically means you can visit us from your phone, which we know you all want to do 🙂

Just the one link this week – still undecided about HDR? Take a look at this blog post giving 7 reasons why HDR is so good – it’s worth a read just for the photos…

Adam Borriello
Social media and marketing

The Friday round-up

What’s caught our eye this week?

First off, some striking images from My Modern Met showing some far away lands and exotic places. The pictures of Afghanistan were particularly striking, both beautiful and intense at the same time – especially the ones with people going about their daily business amid destruction and hardship. The photos were taken by Steve McCurry – the man who captured the famous Afghan Girl image.

One image that really caught the eye – and certainly did the rounds on twitter – was this electric image of lightning from the BBC News website. Apparently the photographer had waited 40 years to capture the shot – I think you can safely say it was well worth the wait!

This next image is really something else. Normally, describing a mountain and some clouds probably wouldn’t excite the imagination. But this picture is different. The combination of low-light, crisp air and a remarkable cloud formation produced a remarkable image that looks slightly out of this world!

I’m sure most of you already know about, like, or follow the National Geographic’s Photo of the Day – but it’s well worth another mention on here, especially as you can download their image to brighten up your desktop everyday.

The latest news from Colour Confidence towers centres around some funky new products for the photographer who already has everything! Take a look at our new Booq bags; the Mamba shift and Mamba Catch, and get the latest offerings from Datacolor to help you get those pictures looking good with the SpyderCheckr, SpyderCheckr Pro and SpyderLenscal.

We will also be rolling out some training hints and tips soon, so if there’s anything you want to ask us about all things photography, comment below, tweet us or post a message on our wall.

Adam Borriello
Social media and marketing



The Friday round-up

What’s caught our eye this week?

News from early last week announced that Facebook were allowing higher-res image uploads to their website. Facebook would previously resize images to 720 pixels, however they are now resizing images to 2048 pixels on the largest edge. I, like many of you like sharing photos on Facebook, and I’m sure this will only enhance the experience. However, this may raise different issues from a professional perspective.

It will be interesting to see what this means for sites like Flickr and whether users will upload to specific image sites or stick with Facebook.

From our perspective it does pose an interesting question, especially as we’re looking to embrace social media through the web. Do we stick to Facebook for posting photos (as well as other cool stuff) or use specific sites like Flickr to post our photos? And then of course there are the copyright issues attached to sharing photos on Facebook… Watch this space may be the best message to deliver at this stage!

One link that caught my eye was posted on Freelance Review, listing some amazing images of the world’s tallest buildings. Some fantastic scenes  – although I can’t help but think the World Financial Centre looks like a giant bottle opener… Plus, they reminded me of that transmission tower climbing video that did the internet rounds a few weeks ago. I’m ok with heights, but even I found that slightly nerve-wrecking to watch!

I’ll end this week with something wet. Seeing as Autumn is setting in, the fog is descending in the mornings (and pretty much all the time in Birmingham at the moment), the M5 is damp and dark and the nights a drawing in, take a look at these examples of rain photography from the Geek Sucks blog.

That’s it for this week, I hope to bring you some exciting Color Confidence website news next week, well worth a goosey at – even if I do say so myself!

Adam Borriello
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The Friday round-up

Welcome to our very first blog post!

Hopefully the first of many to come. The ‘Friday round-up’ aims to bring you our favourite photography bits and links (or related) from the web this week.

First off, a brilliant little idea called the 4am Project. I say ‘little’, it’s far from it, but the idea is quite magical.

If you’re lucky enough to be awake at 4am (I’ve just graduated from Uni, so 4am does have somewhat vague, blurry memories), the mind is supposed to be at its most responsive, and more open to abstract ideas and clear expression.

The 4am Project aims to capture this energy in photographic form, and display what everyone is doing around the world at that time. From beautiful sunrises to the peace and tranquility of night. Check out their gallery so far and get involved!

I stumbled across 70+ examples of beautiful night photography via twitter the other day. I think they look amazing – especially the long exposure effect photos, and the way a still picture can portray and embrace speed and movement. I particularly like ‘Light Trails’ with the red white and blue over Big Ben.

This then lead me to Digital Photography School, and more stunning long exposure images. If any of you reading this have had a go at long exposure, feel free to post your links in the comments below for me to check out (you may even get a mention in the next round-up!)

Now, I’m new to Color Confidence, and new to the world of photography. I’m very much the amateur of amateur’s in the photography world! I’ve always wanted to give it a go, so I’ll be sharing my journey with you along the way, and probably encountering all the problems you had at the beginning…

That’s the round-up for this week, if you have any suggestions for cool stuff worth investigating get in touch on twitter or facebook, or indeed comment below.

‘Till the next time!

Adam Borriello
Social media and marketing