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The Friday round-up

What’s caught our eye this week?

News from early last week announced that Facebook were allowing higher-res image uploads to their website. Facebook would previously resize images to 720 pixels, however they are now resizing images to 2048 pixels on the largest edge. I, like many of you like sharing photos on Facebook, and I’m sure this will only enhance the experience. However, this may raise different issues from a professional perspective.

It will be interesting to see what this means for sites like Flickr and whether users will upload to specific image sites or stick with Facebook.

From our perspective it does pose an interesting question, especially as we’re looking to embrace social media through the web. Do we stick to Facebook for posting photos (as well as other cool stuff) or use specific sites like Flickr to post our photos? And then of course there are the copyright issues attached to sharing photos on Facebook… Watch this space may be the best message to deliver at this stage!

One link that caught my eye was posted on Freelance Review, listing some amazing images of the world’s tallest buildings. Some fantastic scenes  – although I can’t help but think the World Financial Centre looks like a giant bottle opener… Plus, they reminded me of that transmission tower climbing video that did the internet rounds a few weeks ago. I’m ok with heights, but even I found that slightly nerve-wrecking to watch!

I’ll end this week with something wet. Seeing as Autumn is setting in, the fog is descending in the mornings (and pretty much all the time in Birmingham at the moment), the M5 is damp and dark and the nights a drawing in, take a look at these examples of rain photography from the Geek Sucks blog.

That’s it for this week, I hope to bring you some exciting Color Confidence website news next week, well worth a goosey at – even if I do say so myself!

Adam Borriello
Social media and marketing

The Friday round-up

Welcome to our very first blog post!

Hopefully the first of many to come. The ‘Friday round-up’ aims to bring you our favourite photography bits and links (or related) from the web this week.

First off, a brilliant little idea called the 4am Project. I say ‘little’, it’s far from it, but the idea is quite magical.

If you’re lucky enough to be awake at 4am (I’ve just graduated from Uni, so 4am does have somewhat vague, blurry memories), the mind is supposed to be at its most responsive, and more open to abstract ideas and clear expression.

The 4am Project aims to capture this energy in photographic form, and display what everyone is doing around the world at that time. From beautiful sunrises to the peace and tranquility of night. Check out their gallery so far and get involved!

I stumbled across 70+ examples of beautiful night photography via twitter the other day. I think they look amazing – especially the long exposure effect photos, and the way a still picture can portray and embrace speed and movement. I particularly like ‘Light Trails’ with the red white and blue over Big Ben.

This then lead me to Digital Photography School, and more stunning long exposure images. If any of you reading this have had a go at long exposure, feel free to post your links in the comments below for me to check out (you may even get a mention in the next round-up!)

Now, I’m new to Color Confidence, and new to the world of photography. I’m very much the amateur of amateur’s in the photography world! I’ve always wanted to give it a go, so I’ll be sharing my journey with you along the way, and probably encountering all the problems you had at the beginning…

That’s the round-up for this week, if you have any suggestions for cool stuff worth investigating get in touch on twitter or facebook, or indeed comment below.

‘Till the next time!

Adam Borriello
Social media and marketing