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How do you solve a problem like wide-format printing?

Neolt UV UK

The answer – Neolt

Back in 2011, we signed a UK distribution deal with Neolt UV UK as our specialist Imaging and Printing division.

Established more than 70 years ago, Neolt remain in the privately owned hands of the Poteggia family, whose philosophy of innovation, support and affordability remains to this day.

Neolt are one of the few vendors in the world who offer complete wide format printing solutions. The range includes next generation printers and accessories, as well as a multitude of supporting trimmers, welders, laminators and folders, with the aim of delivering perfect commercial outputs every time.

Neolt UV UK Wide Format Printing Systems for indoor and outdoor digital printing let you easily print a variety of displays, print-out purchase materials, billboards, vehicle graphics and backlight signage up to 3.2 metres wide.

Neolt’s Asterjet and X-Jet wide-format printers offer the highest quality commercial printing for exceptional value.

Learn more about the range here.

In other news…

New Booq Python range

The new Booq Python Camera bags are now in stock, see the list below:

The new Python range from Booq – the leading Apple accessory and bag manufacturer – is specifically designed to meet the demands of photographer’s on the go. Inspired by Apple, the range allows for secure storage of DSLR cameras and multiple lenses in both style and comfort. Learn more about the range here.

Focus 2012 countdown…

Focus on Imaging is now just over a week away (!!) with this year promising to be better than ever. We’re working on overdrive to get everything ship-shape in time for the show with next week promising to be a hectic one with the inevitable last minute tweaks to sort out! But, we’re raring to go this year, especially as we have a host of new products on show and a brand new stand design to look forwards to.

You can learn more about the show, and claim your £5 Color Confidence voucher on our dedicated Focus microsite here.

Noritsu and Neolt – who are they??

Color Confidence have recently announced that they have taken on distribution of two new brands, Noritsu and Neolt.

If you’re thinking that these might be two new pieces of software or a colour management devices that you might be interested in but haven’t heard of yet, then you’re a bit off the mark!

First lets start with Noritsu.

Noritsu are a Japanese manufacturer of the worlds best mini labs. In basic terms, Noritsu are the people behind the printing of your photos!

If you go into high street labs, and pro-labs across the country then there is a good chance your photos, or photo books are being printed on a Noritsu machine.

Noritsu are renowned for producing the highest quality mini labs – both wet and dry.

Color Confidence is now the distributor for these machines and consumables, meaning we are building closer ties with labs to help them get a more colour accurate workflow. This should mean that the images you get back from your local lab will be better quality.

So if your not happy with the colour of your prints – tell your local lab to choose a Noritsu, or choose a lab who uses Noritsu.

And what about Neolt?

Ever wondered how signmakers produce banners that cover huge billboards, and how shops produce Point of Sale banners of eye-popping quality?

The world of wide-format printing is an astonishing place – we attended Sign and Digital UK this year, and there are printing machines that make the downstairs of my house look very small!

Neolt are an Italian manufacturer of wide-format printers, who, bucking the trend, manufacture their equipment in Italy (rather than the far east), and additionally use all European components.

This approach delivers the highest quality printers, and allows users to print outstanding quality wide-format output on a whole range of different media, be it standard ink on paper, or even Perspex.

Neolt is a new brand in the UK, despite being manufactured In Italy since 1941.

Once again, Color Confidence as distributor are looking to show the UK market the quality of these machines, and then bring our own added value of outstanding colour reproduction, to ensure that Neolt users are renowned for producing the most accurate and impressive images in the market.

For more information, check out:

Javan Bramhall
Marketing manager