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Introducing the latest in Apple cases

MapiCases are here!

We’re not just about colour management here at CC. If you haven’t had a look already, check out our Apple Accessories section of the website and you’ll see a host of fancy things for iPhone’s, MacBook’s and iPad’s.

The latest of which comes from the guys at MapiCases.

They produce a range of high-quality, 100% genuine cowhide leather iPad, iPhone, smartphone and e-reader accessories.

The cases themselves are durable, easy to care for and resistant to water and dirt. With age, the look and feel of the cases get better to create a more vintage look.

Let’s have a look at two in particular:

MapiCases Kolossa

KolossaKolossa is full cover iPad case that allows for multiple positions for comfortable typing, video or watching films. All ports are accessible in the case and a magnetic cover provides a sleep and wake function on compatible iPads.

MapiCases Alinda

AlindaAlinda is a high-quality 100% leather case for iPhone 5, handcrafted from quality leather with a super-soft lining. The case itself clips onto your belt and rotates 360 degrees for easy access.

To see more of the MapiCases range, click here.

Say hello to j5create and iPowerUP

We’re pleased to announce that we have two brand new product ranges to add to our portfolio of products; j5create and iPowerUP Apple accessories.

The Apple market – or the Apple accessory market to be precise – has really picked up over the last few years, particularly thanks to your iPhones and iPads revolutionising the way we communicate and interact with each other.

Introducing iPowerUP

iPowerUP produce a range of integrated multi-chargers, solar charges and universal chargers that are slim, wearable, ergonomic, shock-resistant and convenient for industry leading iPhone and Blackberry smartphones.

The iPowerUP range is especially useful if, like me, you have an abundance of apps and music on your iPhone to keep you busy. These cases give your iPhone the extra boost to make it last the day and more.

iPower Case  – a stylish iPhone charging case with a rubberised finish that doubles the battery life of your iPhone.

iPower Tote – all the functions of the iPower Case in a sleek leather case with space for 3 credit cards.

iPower FM the thinnest charging case on the market with the added functionality of offering an FM transmitter enabling you to pair wirelessly with your car audio or audio systems in your home.

iPower Amp – a Bluetooth device that pairs with your smart phone and enables you to your favourite downloads with this simple mini speaker.

iPower Contact – a charging station for your iPower Case which doubles your battery life of an iPower Case.


Introducing j5create

j5create produce a range of USB display adapters and cross-platform connectivity devices enabling users to share keyboard, mice and files across Mac/Win/Tablets and docking stations for laptops.

As with your iPhones and iPads, Macbook and Apple computers have seen a massive increase in popularity over the last few years, often bringing with them the challenge of sharing data from one operating system to the other – or from Mac to Windows if you like.

j5create produce the solution. Their range includes:

USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 display adapters enable you to add additional monitors (up to 4 on a PC, 2 on a Mac) with resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 (USB2.0) and 2048 x 1152 (USB3.0)

Wormhole switches enable you to connect your mac, PC and tablet device and share mouse/keyboard, with file sharing across devices with a simple drag and drop.

Wormhole stations give your laptop all of the missing ports. Compatible with both Mac OSX and Windows, the Wormhole station gives you keyboard/mouse sharing and file sharing, plus USB 3.0 super speed, card reader and helps to keep your laptop cool.

Newport station has all the functions of the Wormhole Station, plus video support for a second monitor.

Both of these are available on our website. Visit our dedicated Apple Accessory section to see them.