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Photo editing? There’s an app for that

Introducing Snapseed.

Photo editing is a significant part of your photography workflow – as I’m sure you’re aware. There’s a whole host of products and software available that making editing that little bit easier, and enable you to bing your photography to life.

Well, now there’s another way which will be of particular interest to those of you with an iPad or iPhone.

Snapseed is an app developed by Nik Software (the guys that brought you HDR Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro 2 to name a few) that gives you complete editing control at your fingertips – literally!

Snapseed is a brilliant blend of Apple’s intuitive touch technology, and Nik Software’s industry leading editing software.

There’s plenty of content, from effect filters like ‘Vintage’ and ‘Grunge’ styles, to centre focus, auto correct and organic frames. You can also post your images straight to facebook or flickr once you’re done.

Essentially, it has aspects of what Nik do best in one powerful app.

As the amateurist of ameteur photographers – actually, thats doing a dis-service to all the amateur photographers out there, I’m more of a shoot stuff on the iPhone and have a play sort of person! – I found the app to be incredibly intuitive. You can achieve some fantastic results quickly and easily, but also have the power to do more complex tasks if you wish to.

It may not have the complexity or customisation of a Complete Collection for example, but it more than offers substanital editing fun to hand on your iPhone or iPad.

News from Eizo; ColorNavigator 6 is here.

ColorNavigator is Eizo’s in-house monitor calibration software, available on a range of ColorEdge Eizo monitors.

It gives you simple and easy calibration, offering the user predictible colour results using the Look-Up Table found on ColorEdge monitors.

You can calibrate to preset or your own user assigned values, as well as undertake paper white measurement and re-calibrate from previous calibraion results.

For more information on ColorNavigator 6, have a look at their website.

Keep checking our download section too, as we’ll be uploading ColorNavigator 6 for you to download very soon.