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UPRtek Launch the Revolutionary CV600 Spectral Colour Meter


UPRtek have launched the CV600 Spectral Colour Meter– a professional device that measures colour, light and exposure. The CV600 is ideal for photographers, videographers and filmmakers that value colour accuracy and lighting consistency.

The handheld colour meter can save light readings and set-up information to a removable SD card, allowing you to build an external library of light readings and settings for use at a later date.

The compact, easy-to-use device has a wide range of metering modes that allow you to take the guess work out of lighting, which will drastically reduce set-up time. The spectrometer is perfect for creative professionals that require accurate lighting in studios and on location.

In basic mode, the CV600’s touch sensitive display panel can be set to display four user-selected points of measurement criteria, all on the same display. For example, among various display options, users can select:


  1. Correlated Colour Temperature (CTT) readings in degrees Kelvin
  2. Colour Rendering Index (CRI) readings across the colour spectrum from R1 to R15
  3. Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) readings- the European Broadcast Union’s new colour measurement index for the 21st century
  4. Lux level readings

Advanced modes include CRI, Flicker, Filter, Exposure, Spectrum, TM-30 and CIE.



  • CV600 spectrometer
  • Handy travel case
  • Base support and protective cover
  • Lithium rechargeable battery and charger
  • USB cable
  • Screen cleaning cloth
  • Suspension wire and neck strap
  • User’s manual and warranty certificate
  • Wi-fi adapter card


The UPRtek CV600 is priced at £1,438.80 incl. VAT. If you’re visiting IBC in RAI Amsterdam next month (15th-19th September 2017), visit us on UPRtek Stand 9.LP15. Test the meter out, see live product demonstrations and get expert support and advice on how to get the most out of this handy device.


X-Rite support BCRF with the launch of limited edition pink products

EN_XPE_Pink Campaign bannerTo mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, X-Rite are supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in fundraising efforts for finding a cure. X-Rite have created a pink, limited edition ColorMunki Display and ColorChecker Passport Photo and will donate 20% of all sales to BCRF.

“Nearly everyone has been touched by breast cancer, and we are proud to leverage the ColorMunki and ColorChecker brands in our creative communities to help find a cure. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a tremendous organisation dedicated to the support of doctors and researchers worldwide,” says X-Rite Vice President of Product Marketing, Chris Winczewski.

“In becoming the symbol for breast cancer, the colour pink spurred conversation and ultimately action,” says Sadia Zapp, Communications Director at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. “It sparked a movement and today we are closer than ever before to eradicating the devastating disease. By uniting with BCRF, the highest rated breast cancer organisation in the country, our partners are committed to bringing the end of breast cancer.”

With each purchase of a pink limited edition ColorMunki Display and/or ColorChecker Passport Photo, X-Rite will donate 20% of product sales to BCRF. The products are available to purchase from the Color Confidence website.

These products are great as a collector’s item, replacement product, or simply if you would like to support a worthy cause.


Get cash back with the PANTONE Trade & Save scheme!

Trade&SaveIt’s now even easier to get the most complete and accurate PANTONE tools that you need to get your job done accurately – while getting cash back in the process!

The PANTONE Trade & Save scheme gives you the chance to trade-in any out-of-date PANTONE guides, in exchange for up to £45 cash back on selected PANTONE PLUS products.

Whether you are a designer, product manager, printer or a colour decision maker, the scheme makes it easier for you to stay up-to-date with the latest PANTONE products.

Why upgrade your PANTONE guide?

PANTONE has recently launched some exciting additional colours to the PANTONE PLUS SERIES. The new colour palette has been developed to inspire exploration and creativity.

The addition brings the total colour count of the graphic design PANTONE PLUS SERIES to 1,867 colours.

Also, although PANTONE strives to manufacture products at the highest level of quality possible, the fact is that over time, all papers will yellow and inks will fade. In order to ensure you have the most accurate colour for specification and evaluation, PANTONE recommends that you replace your guides and books annually.

How does the Scheme work?

1. Purchase a brand new PANTONE guide from colorconfidence.com.

Eligible guides are included in the table below.

2. Send us your old PANTONE guide in the post using our freepost address:

FREEPOST: RSGH-HEKB-KTZJ Typemaker Ltd, t/a Color Confidence Spectrum Point, 164 Clapgate Lane Birmingham B32 3DE

3. Your cash back will be refunded into your account.

On receipt of your guide(s), we will check them and arrange for the cash back to be refunded to you within 5 working days.

The Trade & Save scheme applies to purchases of any of the following PANTONE PLUS guides:


Don’t let out-of-date colour guides get in the way of you realising your creative vision. Upgrade your PANTONE guide today!


The Trade & Save scheme ends on 14th August 2016.

All trade-in guides must be submitted by 31st August 2016 to be eligible. The trade-in should be a minimum of a single PANTONE fan guide and at least 90% intact to qualify.

Introducing Color Passport – the revolutionary new system for professionals working with colour

Color Passport Posters selection 1_Page_1Color Passport is the first intelligent and universal colour system in the world that reveals the true DNA of each colour. COLOR PASSPORT SYSTEM comprises of 7,810 colours that have been innovatively developed into useful tools including a reference book, fan decks, training workshops and software for professionals working with colour.

All 7,810 reproducible colours have a unique passport that reveals its scientific values, as well as its style, cultural and emotional properties. By understanding a colours true identity, you can identify ideal colour combinations.

COLOR PASSPORT SYSTEM is ideal for those specifying or selecting colour in the design, architecture and fashion industries, along with manufacturers and buyers. Professionals worldwide use Color Passport to define distinct and recognisable corporate, brand, product and collection profiles, creating consistent experiences for consumers.

COLOR PASSPORT SYSTEM helps its users to understand the types of colours that are suitable for their target consumers, the style or application and the cultural or geographical relevance of its use. Choosing and combining the right colours for your design, customer or territory has never been easier.


Color Passport offers an intuitive training course for professionals and companies working with colour. The Corporate Training and Workshop Level 1 is a 4-5 hour course for 2-8 people. The training package includes the following:

  • The Big One – a colour reference ring-binder, with an extensive navigation system which forms the basis of the COLOR PASSPORT SYSTEM
  • The Active One – a detailed portable fan guide (subsection of The Big One), providing quick and easy access to 1,800 coated CP colours
  • Six month’s free access to The Digital One – an electronic guide featuring 7,200 colours. Store Style/Type/Culture filters for targeted colour pallets and complimentary colour identification. Export libraries and match to the closest PANTONE or other digital libraries.

COLOR PASSPORT SYSTEM is the result of 20 years of research and development by the Color Passport Institute, lead by professor and engineer Luc Van Renterghem. 

Corporate courses are now available in the UK; contact Color Confidence for further details and to schedule a convenient date.

For individuals interested in the course, a group workshop will be available later in the year. You can express your interest now, by emailing: info@colorconfidence.com.

Color Passport training and products are available to purchase from Color Confidence.


ExpoImaging announces improvements to their popular professional white balance filter for photography professionals

b7764cea-7d08-4c14-9ff0-4d6170374804ExpoImaging, creators of the innovative Rogue FlashBender 2 speedlight modifiers, has today highlighted the recent improvements to the patented ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filter to the UK photography market.

ExpoDisc 2.0 is an easy and accurate way for photographers to set a custom white balance meter for exposure, and to dust map the image sensor. Whether shooting in RAW or JPEG, photographers can use ExpoDisc 2.0 to save valuable time editing photos and videos.

“With the original ExpoDisc, we invented the digital white balance filter and established it in the market as the premium white balance tool by individually testing and certifying every ExpoDisc,” said Erik Sowder, CEO at ExpoImaging. “Now ExpoDisc 2.0 introduces user-selectable warming gels and an improved mounting design.”

To maintain its reputation as the premium white balance tool, each ExpoDisc 2.0 is individually calibrated by hand in the USA, for neutrality, and an 18% total light transmission across the visible spectrum. This neutrality is important because using a non-neutral tool for white balance can actually add undesirable colour casts to images.

Key features include:

  • Quickly set white balance for photo and video
  • Meter 18% incident exposure
  • Easily dust map your image sensor
  • Includes four warming filters (gels)
  • Hand calibrated for accuracy
  • Available in 77mm and 82mm filter sizes (to fit a variety of professional lenses)
  • Each ExpoDisc is individually packaged with its own calibration certification card
  • Comes with a sturdy carry pouch and user quick start guide.

The ExpoDisc 2.0 Professional White Balance Filter is available to purchase through leading photography retailers and is distributed exclusively by Color Confidence. For further information and to purchase your ExpoDisc 2.0, visit: www.colorconfidence.com.

Color Confidence announces UK tour to showcase the latest innovative products for photography professionals

3We will be attending a number of roadshows and open days across the country to showcase the latest innovative products for photography professionals and enthusiasts.

Over the next few months, we will be exhibiting products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Key products to be showcased on the day will include a selection of the following:

  • BenQ’s first colour critical monitor
  • DxO’s newly updated image editing software
  • NEC’s latest 4k colour critical monitors with new built-in Spectraview II calibration software
  • Rogue’s new and improved FlashBender 2 portable lighting tools
  • X-Rite‘s colour management solutions

The team will be on hand to give you colour management help and advice. There will be professional product demonstrations and best practice tips, as well as special offers on purchases made on the day.

“The more we talk to new and existing customers, the clearer it becomes that increasing people’s knowledge of how to effectively colour manage a photographic workflow really helps to improve people’s photographic experiences”, says Geoffrey Clements, Managing Director at Color Confidence.

Geoffrey continues: “Good colour management across all your devices saves time, money and ultimately produces better images. We’re looking forward to continuing to educate and support photographers throughout these events.”

We will be exhibiting at shows as part of the Bigger Picture Roadshow, Calumet spring open days, London Camera Exchange Pro Show, Photovision Roadshow, WEX Workflow event and Park Cameras Imaging festival.

The shows will take place on the following dates:

29 April – Bigger Picture Roadshow – Chelmsford
30 April – Calumet Spring Open Day – Manchester
30 April – London Camera Exchange Pro Show – Southampton
15/16 May – Calumet Spring Open Day – London
19 May – Bigger Picture Roadshow – Sheffield
20 May – Bigger Picture Roadshow – Blackburn
10 June – Photovision Roadshow – Windsor
10 June – Bigger Picture Roadshow – Weatherby
13 June – WEX Workflow event – Norwich
20 June – Park Cameras Imaging festival – Burgess Hill
27 June – Park Cameras Imaging festival – London
30 June – Photovision Roadshow – Bristol

For more information about our wide range of products, visit: www.colorconfidence.com

Color Confidence announces winner of exclusive Photography Show prize draw


Prize draw winner Anthony Bower, pictured with his new products

We attended The Photography Show to showcase a range of specialist digital imaging products. This was our biggest ever presence at the four day event. We filled two stands with six of the industry’s leading photographic manufacturers, including X-Rite, NEC, DxO, BenQ, ExpoImaging and Tecco. We hope you had the chance to catch our live model photo-shoots, photo-critiquing and technical demonstrations from a line-up of professional X-Rite Coloratti photographers and digital imaging specialists.

Thank you to those that took part in our prize draw to win over £1,500 worth of photographic equipment. We are pleased to announce that the prize draw winner is Anthony Bower from Stockport. Congratulations Anthony! We hope you are enjoying your prize bundle.

Learn from X-Rite Coloratti Masters at The Photography Show!


There is only one week left until The Photography Show 2015. This is our biggest ever presence at the show and we are excited to keep you all entertained for the four day event! We have an exclusive guest line up of professional X-Rite Coloratti photographers and digital imaging specialists. Get a taster of what’s to come at the show by reading more about our experienced guest speakers.

Meet our Guest Speakers

Frank Doorhof
Fashion & Celebrity Photographer, X-Rite Coloratti

Frank Doorhof is an experienced educator for Kelby One. ‘Mastering the Modelshoot’ is his latest

bestselling book, detailing what a photographer needs to know before, during and after the shoot. Frank and his wife run a photo studio in Emmeloord, Netherlands and specialise in teaching workshops (worldwide) and fashion and celebrity shoots.

On Monday 23rd March and Tuesday 24th March, Frank will be delivering live shows on RAW editing, creating stunning portraits and adding props to a shoot.

W: frankdoorhof.com

Adrian Weinbrecht
Commercial Advertising Photographer, X-Rite Coloratti

Originally from Australia, I was born to a German father and Australian mother. This fortunate mix makes me both highly professional and efficient but also very laid back. Starting at the tender age of 17, I briefly considered a career in law but decided to follow my heart, I haven’t looked back. After 20 years in this business I still genuinely love what I do. Adrian is now considered one of Europe’s leading commercial photographers.

On Saturday 21st March and Sunday 22nd March, Adrian will be leading presentations on Stand F21, focusing on lighting faces, and complementary colours in portraits.

W: adrianweinbrecht.com

Keith Cooper
Architectural Photographer, X-Rite Coloratti

keith_cooper_photographerKeith’s Northlight Images website is known for its in-depth reviews and articles. Many of which follow from Keith’s strong belief that to get the best and most effective use out of new technologies, it really does help to have some understanding of what they do. Keith also teaches, writes and lectures on photography and colour management.

Keith will be on the BenQ Stand (F31) from Saturday 21st – Monday 23rd March to advise photographers in the photo critique area.

W: northlight-images.co.uk

Mark Wood
Black and White Visual Artist and Training Consultant, X-Rite Coloratti

Teaching has always been important to Mark. He spent ten years teaching digital imaging and print production in colleges and universities in the UK, before returning to freelance practice in 2003. Mark has written several training courses, including colour management. He works at authorised training centres, and is a certified trainer. A published author, Mark has written for the British Journal of Photography.

Mark will be on the BenQ Stand (F31) on Tuesday 24th March to advise photographers in the photo critique area.

W: markwoodphotography.com

Hector Martinez
DxO Channel Sales & Education Manager

Hector specialises in street and field photography and is an Adobe Certified Expert. Hector has been perfecting his craft for number of years and knows his way around, both a photography studio, and how to capture the perfect shot when out on location.

Hector will be on the DxO Stand (F21) to demonstrate useful post-production and workflow techniques.

W: HectorMartinezPhotography.com

More reasons to visit us at The Photography Show

  • Visit us on Stand F21 and F31 and enter our prize draw for the chance to win £1,500 worth of photographic equipment
  • Book a FREE photo critique sessions with one of our photographic experts. The best image will be awarded ‘Photo of the Show’. The winner will receive a brand new BenQ PG2401PT colour critical monitor. The two runners up will receive a framed print of their winning photograph
  • Register for our photowalk through Birmingham City Centre with world-renowned Commercial and Advertising Photographer, Adrian Weinbrecht
  • Visit the Color Confidence Shop where visitors can purchase products from their favourite industry leading brands at special show prices.

ExpoImaging Improves Popular Rogue Lighting Tools for Photography Professionals

FlashBender 2 Portable Lighting Kit with bag.psd

ExpoImaging, creators of the innovative Rogue FlashBender speed-light modifiers, has today announced a number of new improvements to their range of portable lighting accessories designed specifically for photography enthusiasts and professionals.

Striving for constant product innovation, the team at ExpoImaging focused on improvements that could be made to the Rogue Flashbender including reducing the weight of the reflector and modifications to the attachment strap. As a result, the FlashBender 2 range now incorporates new custom made reflective fabric which makes it 20-30% lighter and a new integrated attachment strap that can be adjusted to fit all popular brands of accessory flashes.

“Photographers’ reaction to the original Rogue FlashBenders exceeded all our expectations,” commented Erik Sowder, CEO of ExpoImaging, Inc. “The FlashBenders’ versatility and portability have made them an integral part of the lighting kit a photographer would take on location”.

Sowder continued, “As great as any product is, we always look for ways to make it better. We developed custom fabrics that would be lighter weight without sacrificing the durability and reflectivity characteristics we demanded. We also redesigned the integrated attachment strap to provide an even tighter grip on the flash whilst still allowing for wide adaptability to multiple flash sizes.”

ExpoImaging has also made product improvements to its best-selling Flashbender XL Pro Kit, a large light portable studio kit, by reducing its weight as well as making improvements to the attachment design.

“The idea behind the original FlashBender XL Pro Kit was to create a larger light source with studio-style control whilst retaining the portability and easy setup fundamental to all the FlashBenders,” explained Sowder. “With the FlashBender 2 XL Pro, we worked hard to decrease the weight of the original XL Pro as well as to further refine its attachment design.  The new FlashBender 2 XL Pro Reflector is 20% lighter.  We know that every bit of weight reduction is welcome for photographers that take lighting equipment on location.”

“We also know that photographers will be pleased by the inclusion of the new XL Pro Strip Grid attachment in the System.  Combining diffusion fabric with a black fabric grid, the Strip Grid provides precise rim and edge lighting control.  It attaches quickly to the front of the XL Pro Reflector and is compatible with the original XL Pro Reflector design. To keep it portable, the System is sized to fit a 43cm laptop compartment, or lay flat to allow more room for lenses and other essential equipment in the gear bag.  We also include a handy Travel Bag,” concluded Sowder.

The Rogue FlashBender 2 XL Pro Lighting System includes:  FlashBender 2 XL Pro Reflector, XL Pro Strip Grid, XL Pro Diffusion Panel, and XL Pro Travel Bag.

New and improved Rogue FlashBender 2 versions include the FlashBender 2 XL Pro System, the FlashBender 2 Large and Small Reflectors, FlashBender 2 Bounce Card, FlashBender 2 Large and Small Softbox Kits and the FlashBender 2 Portable Lighting Kit.

The Rogue FlashBender 2 range is available to purchase through leading photography retailers and is distributed exclusively by Color Confidence. For further information and to purchase your product, visit www.colorconfidence.com.

BenQ Debuts their First Colour Critical Monitor for Photography and Graphic Design Professionals


BenQ has launched a new 24” colour critical monitor designed for photographers and graphic design professionals with an eye for detail, that value colour accuracy.

Developed by BenQ specifically for the colour critical photography market, the BenQ PG2401PT monitor comes complete with Palette Master Software, which has been co-developed with X-Rite – the global leader in colour science and technology.

The new monitor has an impressive 1920 x 1200 resolution that reproduces 99% Adobe RGB colour space. The wide colour gamut offers superb image clarity and detail.

Each monitor has been rigorously factory tested for brightness uniformity, Delta-E and Gamma curve to achieve the highest colour reproduction quality and accuracy.

The ergonomic stand can be set to Tilt, Pivot or Swivel mode. The on-screen display can also rotate automatically for landscape or portrait use.

Key features of the new BenQ monitor include:

  • 5 year warranty with zero pixel defect guarantee for the first 6 months
  • Monitor hood included
  • Individual factory-tested colour calibration report included
  • A 10-bit display panel for smooth shading and colour transitions in natural gradations
  • 14-bit 3D Look-Up-Table and processing for improved RGB colour blending accuracy, resulting in impeccable colour and grey tone reproduction
  • The monitor achieves an average Delta E value of 2 and below, ensuring colour accuracy throughout project workflow as well as providing viewers the truest impression of the original image
  • Input terminals include D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini Display Port, USB 3.0 together with a convenient SD card reader
  • Brightness uniformity support that balances brightness and chromaticity for consistent image viewing across the entire display.

The new BenQ Pro colour critical monitor is available to purchase through leading photography retailers and is distributed exclusively by Color Confidence in the UK, Poland, France, Nordics and Spain.

The new BenQ monitor will be launched with a limited time bundle offer. Purchase the BenQ PG2401PT and receive an X-Rite i1Display Pro calibrator (normal RRP £207 incl. VAT) for only £120 incl. VAT. This offer is valid until 28 February 2015 and the bundle is only available through specialist photo resellers.

For further information, visit www.colorconfidence.com.