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Eizo ColorEdge CX240

Color Confidence November 2012 update

Welcome to our November update where we review specific news and new products for the month

Eizo launch new ColorEdge CX240Eizo ColorEdge CX240

A new, versatile ColorEdge monitor from Eizo is now available. The CX240 is an ideal display for photographers and graphic art professionals with its wide colour gamut and uniform display brightness from corner to corner. It’s a 24″ monitor, covers 97% of Adobe RGB, and has a built-in self-correction sensor to keep your screen as colour accurate as possible (although, it will still greatly benefit from the addition of a monitor calibrator).

Learn more about this display here.

Get leading standardised lighting technology with Just Normlicht

Just Normlicht are world-renowned produces of controlled, standardised lighting solutions. By ‘standardised lighting’, we mean a light source that replicates natural lighting conditions, normally coming in the form or 5,000 kelvin (D50) or 6,500 kelvin (D65) temperatures. New in for November, Just Normlicht have launched 4 new desktop viewing booths for the accurate assessment of proofs and colour.

The colorFrame series offer space-saving desktop booths available in two sizes: 46 x 34 cm illumination area and 64 x 40 cm illumination area. These are also available as dimmer switch versions for greater control over the lighting.

For more information about these, and for controlled lighting in general, click here.

Nik Software acquired by Google

Big news confirmation for November. As you may be aware, Nik was acquired by Google in September. As a result, we will no longer be distributing boxed products, and once our stocks are depleted, only electronic downloads will be available direct from www.niksoftware.com

So if you prefer having boxed software – act now to avoid disappointment and get your copy while stocks last!

Get your free Tangerine Tango iPhone 4/4S case!

While stocks last, claim your free iPhone 4/4S case in Tangerine Tango (Pantone colour of the year 2012) with every Pantone Capsure order. The Capsure allows you to confidently and accurately match colour to almost any surface, meaning you can take inspiration from almost anything.

Learn more about it here.

Get stunning Black and White images this September

Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2 – save 10% off this September

Silver Efex Pro 2 is Nik Software’s flagship image enhancement plug-in software which gives you the power to create truly stunning black and white images.

A major upgrade from their award-winning Silver Efex plug-in, many professional photographers considers Silver Efex Pro 2 to be the definitive solution for re-creating the intricate quality, depth and impact of traditional darkroom black and white photography.

Key features will give you the power to amaze:

  • Amplifying Blacks and Whites increases the presence of highlights and shadows adaptively throughout the image, creating a unique contrast effect
  • Visual Presets characterised by photographic style, provide great single-click starting points which can be edited and shared with others
  • Fine Structure brings out even the smallest details and textures resulting in more visible image detail without creating an over-sharpened look

Take a look at the product here, and don’t forget to save 10% off this September.

Why not come and see it in action for yourself?

Every so often we run a drop-in day at our Birmingham HQ which gives you the perfect opportunity to quiz us on all things colour management, and come and see our extensive product range in action, demoed by our expert technical team.

Our latest drop-in day takes place on Tuesday 25th September at our Birmingham head-office, come and have a look at:

  • Our extensive range of colour accurate, professional standard monitors
  • Exceptional image enhancement software packages
  • How to calibrate your display properly
  • How to match your screen to your printouts

And better still, our drop-in days are totally free!

Learn more, and register here.

Nik launch HDR Efex Pro 2

After the success of HDR Efex Pro, Nik this July have launched HDR Efex Pro 2 – the latest version of their High Dynamic Range photography plug-in.

Experience all the power, control, and creative expression your camera has to offer with HDR Efex Pro 2.

This powerful tool enables discerning professional and amateur photographers to quickly create HDR images that range from exceptionally realistic to creatively stunning.

HDR Efex Pro 2 includes a wide selection of one-click visual pre-sets for incredibly fast results, advanced tone compression algorithms, multiple HDR styles, and U Point® technology for precise selective fine-tuning of colours and tonality.

The new plug-in features:

  • NEW Tone-Mapping Engine Colour rendering, natural results, with more control
  • NEW Merging Interface Previews of each exposure
  • NEW Ghost Reduction Improved ghost reduction algorithm ensures that artefacts created by moving objects are removed with a single click
  • NEW Chromatic Aberration Reduction Controls to reduce unsightly colour fringes where dark tones meet light tones
  • NEW Depth Control Helps counteract the flattened look commonly associated with HDR images
  • NEW History Browser Quickly compare previous edits to your final result or the middle exposure of a series

There are two ways to get HDR Efex Pro 2, direct from Nik Software, or as a free upgrade with the existing Nik Complete Collection packages, which you can view here.*

*UPDATE 27/07/2012

Y0u’ll now be able to purchase HDR Efex Pro 2 direct from us too… We’re expecting stock from early August, so get your pre-orders in now! Details can be found here

Time to celebrate this weekend! (If you live in the UK…)

So, rather inevitably, as the Jubilee weekend rolls around, the sunshine has well and truly disappeared and the cloudy drizzle had arrived (well, in Birmingham anyway, congratulations if the sun is shining you…).

Anyway, how many of you are attending some street parties, or, more importantly, are designated photographer for the event?

If so, you may want to make sure you have these 3 essential items with you to ensure you take the best picture every time and image edit in confidence.

  1. X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
    This should be the first thing you take with you on any shoot – whether in the studio, or outside. The passport offers first hand camera DNG profiling and RAW workflow editing. It consists of three photographic targets: White Balance Target for accurate control, Classic Target consisting of 24 patch colours references for creating camera profiles, and a Create Enhancement Target for highlight and shadow details.
  2. Datacolor Spyder4Express monitor calibrator
    If you don’t “colour manage”, a monitor calibrator (to ensure colour is displayed accurately on your monitor) is a great place to start. The Datacolor Spyder4Express is the ideal ‘beginners’ calibrator for a single monitor which is simple and affordable.
  3. Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2
    Creating Black & White images just got a whole lot easier. Black and white images immediately carry a timeless, classic feel – perfect to capture the jubilee moment.

The above are a sure-fire way to ensure you capture your Jubilee images accurately, and edit them afterwards in confidence.

And, to celebrate the Jubilee, we’ll be giving you free delivery on eligible orders this weekend – starting this afternoon!

Check back to www.colorconfidence.com for more information. Enjoy the break!

Nik Software – the perfect partner for Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is fast becoming Adobe’s photo editing software of choice. Certainly speaking to people at this year’s Focus on Imaging, it’s one of the most widely used programs out there in the amateur/professional photography, image editing markets.

Lightroom is designed specifically with photography in mind, allowing users to manage large amounts of digital images. Effectively, it is one big database of images, allowing you to manage, organise and edit your images in once centralised place. From a photographer’s perspective, it focusses on following workflow steps, from library more through to editing and printing.

The good news is that you can pick yourself up a copy of Lightroom for pretty good value. There’s a host of special offers available on the Adobe website, take a look here.

And the better news is that when you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Nik Software Plug-in range.

Nik Software Plug-ins does exactly that – they ‘plug-in’ to Lightroom to give you more options when in editing and development stages. As well as the traditional settings available to Lightroom users, installing Nik Software will give you a host of other styles and features to play with.

The beauty with this is that something that could take considerable time to achieve using just Lightroom editing techniques – a certain style, noise reduction or specific colour effects for example – can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

The Nik Software range is vast. We’ve blogged extensively on their products over the last few months, so it’s well worth having a look back atour posts to learn more about the range. Just click here.

Alternatively, there’s a host of information on Nik Software available on our home website; www.colorconfidence.com

Happy editing!

Only a few days left: save 10% on Nik Plug-ins

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts – until the end of May you can save 10% on the Nik Software range. So, with a only a few days to go, here’s a gentle reminder about the Nik Software range, and why they are so useful for digital image editing…

  • Color Efex Pro 4 – available in Select and Complete editions, Color Efex is the most comprehensive set of enhancements for colour correction, retouching and creative filters to quickly stylise your images.
  • Silver Efex Pro 2 – the definitive plug-in for truly outstanding black and white images. Arguably their flagship plug-in, Silver Efex really is an outstanding addition to your workflow.
  • HDR Efex Pro – the new benchmark for creating stunning, high quality and realistic High Dynamic Range stylised images.
  • Viveza 2 – take control of light, contrast and colour in your digital imagery for fast, effective photo editing.
  • Dfine 2.0 – a brilliant plug-in to reduce noise in your images, creating superior quality images without the loss of detail.
  • Sharpener Pro 3.0 – create maximum impact with easy image sharpening

The range plugs seamlessly into Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom – meaning you can utilise them in whichever tool works best for you and your workflow.

They all make use of Nik’s patented U-Point Technology too, allowing you to selectively apply adjustments to any area in an image with affecting the overall appearance.

If you want a sneak preview of the power and versatility of Nik Software, the Snapseed App is a great way to get a feel for the Nik way of image editing. Snapseed is available on iPhone and through the Mac Appstore.

We did an in-depth review of Snapseed back in January which you can read here.

A few of us in the office are proud owners of the Snapseed iPhone app, and truthfully, you’ll struggle to find a better app for image editing on the iPhone!

Go have a look… and get that phone out in the sunshine!

Happy Easter…

Well, after we claimed in our last post that Spring had finally arrived by basking in the glory of 20 degree sunshine, it’s now taken a turn for the worse and decided it doesn’t want to arrive just yet… So rest assured we won’t be directly mentioning anything about the weather in this one.

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d brighten things up a bit by giving you a free gift with certain orders.

When you purchase a DataColor SpyderStudio, Nik Complete Collection, onOne Photo Suite 6 or X-Rite ColorMunki Photo, you can claim yourself a free Kodak Check-Up Kit, or selected Moab and Permajet Paper:

  • The DataColor SpyderStudio is a complete colour management and profiling package meaning you can set the lighting conditions at point of image capture, accurately set colour on monitors and projectors and make your printers colour accurate. Claim your free gift with this item here.
  • Nik Complete Collection is the ultimate photographic editing plug-in package, giving you six easy to use plug-ins for the price of three to use within Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom. Complete Collection makes use of Nik’s patented U-Point technology, making image editing fast and easy. Claim your free gift with this item here.
  • onOne Photo Suite 6 is a next-generation plug-in suite to make your digital imagery editing creative, faster and easier. Photo Suite 6 plugs-in to Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom, or works as a standalone application. Claim your free gift with this item here.
  • X-Rite ColorMunki Photo offers convenient, cost-effective monitor-to-print matching and calibration. This means what you see on your screen is what you end up printing out. Claim your free gift with this item here.

We’ve not long got back from this year’s Sign & Digital UK show. As with Focus on Imaging, it’s always good to meet our customers in person, we had a great time talking to everyone and we hoped you enjoyed the show.

We’re very much looking forwards to our next show; PhotoVision Roadshow on Tuesday 24th April. Details here: www.forwardevents.co.uk

Happy Easter!

Color Efex Pro 4

Return of the Nik this week; let’s have a look at the photographer’s choice for photographic filters…

Color Efex Pro 4.

Color Efex Pro 4 gives you access to 55 high quality photographic filters to help you achieve outstanding photographic results.

It provides you with a number of powerful and simple-to-use tools for enhancing and editing digital photographs, making good use of Nik’s U Point Technology for complete customisation and precise image editing. This means that each filter provides control to satisfy the most discerning of photographers.

Each filter (of which 18 are new or updated) includes a visual preview of your image complete with recommended pre-set settings. This gives you a starting style point to find out exactly what path or stylistic direction you wish to take. You can also combine and stack numerous filters for the ultimate creative experience.

The Focus is on ease of use and simplicity rather than time-consuming techniques and processes, meaning you can get on with the job of getting creative as opposed to working out how to do things.

Color Efex Pro 4 plugs seamlessly in to Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom meaning you can use whichever one suits best and still get the most out of the software.

In a nutshell, Color Efex Pro 4 gives you:

  • 55 categorised filters
  • Visual pre-sets for one-click application
  • Selective retouching of image details
  • Save filter recipes for future use

Come and see Color Efex Pro 4 in action at this year’s Focus on Imaging 2012.

We’ll be running a series of Nik Software seminars daily throughout the exhibition, you can see the proposed schedule times here.

We’ll also be demonstrating the rest of the Nik Software range too – so come along to stand C11 and come and see us.

Nik Plugins, why do you need them?

Continuing our latest Nik Software blog feature, we answer a question we often get asked; why do you need Nik plugins?

Generally speaking, we get asked this by people wanting to start editing their images, but relatively new to the idea or the process and how to actually do it.

Often, people know they need to use a programme like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, but either don’t have the knowledge or confidence to use them. This is where the Nik plugins come in.

The Nik range synchronises effortlessly into Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture, meaning something that would take a long time to achieve in Photoshop can be done within minutes using Nik Software. So, rather than spending your time working out how to do things, you can just get on with the fun bit; making your images look amazing.

Black and White effects, image sharpening, HDR layering to name a few are all achievable quickly and easily through Nik Software.

So why do you need them? If you want to edit digital photography with confidence and produce supreme quality post-capture images and effects, but don’t want to have to spend hours mastering Photoshop – get on Nik Software.

View the range here.

In other news:

Until 31st March 2012, you can get an X-Rite i1iSis automated chart reader with free i1Publish software – saving you £767.

The ultimate colour management tool for pre-press and print; i1iSis is an easy to use test chart reader, enabling you to evaluate your charts and create ICC profiles in a matter of minutes.  This is an ideal solution for the likes of pre-press, high-speed digital printing, high-end proofing, photo labs, studios, large format printing and fine art printing.

This is definitely a device for the professionals though – visit our page here for more information.

We’ve mentioned Focus on Imaging 2012 a lot (have you noticed?) recently – and now there’s even more reasons to come and see us…

We mentioned exclusively back in January that you’d soon be able to claim a £5 Color Confidence voucher to be used at this year’s show. The good news is, you can get it now! Visit our Focus page here, fill-in the form and make sure to bring it with you.

And, let us know what you’re looking forward to at Focus 2012 by tweeting us using the hashtag #CCatFocus

Exploring Nik Software – part 3

Last week, we explored Color Efex Pro 3 and HDR Efex Pro. The final part of our Nik Software review takes a closer look at Silver Efex Pro 2 and Sharpener Pro 3.

Silver Efex Pro 2 – the black and white processing engine.

Like all Nik plug-ins, Silver Efex Pro 2 gives a range of preset styles enabling the user to find the general style you’re looking for. You can then use the wealth of settings available to assist the black and white creation process, creating that personalised image.

Together with the usual global brightness, contrast and structure sliders, tools familiar to traditional film photographers are also available. For example, coloured filters can be applied to alter the contrast characteristics of the image, emulating the technique of placing glass or plastic filters in front of the camera lense when using black and white film. These filters can be effective for getting better contrast in images, or adding more definition between sky and cloudscapes.

One of the more powerful features is the film stock selector which emulates the characteristics of black and white film. This can give powerful contrast and natural grain effects. If you have used film in the past and want to reproduce the style of images created in a darkroom, Siler Efex provides you with a range of tools to help you explore this effect.

Silver Efex Pro 2 uses Nik’s UPoint control points allowing you to vary the monochrome effects in specific areas of the image, or alternatively bring selective colour back into the image.

Sharpener Pro 3 – for a perfectly balanced, sharp image.

Sharpener Pro 3 is a powerful and professional sharpening tool using the latest adaptive sharpening techniques. It provides accurate, controllable sharpening across the whole image, or selectively with the use of control points.

Sharpener Pro 3 provides accurate sharpening without giving that ‘over-sharpened’ look that can sometimes happen when you push other systems a little too far. You get a more ‘natural’ looking, sharpened image.

Sharpening can either be applied directly to the image you are working on (pre-sharpening), or applied to an image prior to printing, keying in the size and viewing distance to provide the ideal level of sharpening for the print.

All-in-all, Nik Software Plug-ins give you the opportunity to customise your images to new levels, taking the time and extensive knowledge required away from the conventional Photoshop way of editing images.

You can read back through parts one and two to visit the other products in the range.

Happy editing!