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Layering Made Easy with onOne

Last week we had a closer look at the new Perfect Portrait 1 from onOne Software.

This week we look at the new Perfect Layers 2.

Creating layered files outside of Photoshop has now become a little bit more straightforward. Perfect Layers 2 is about creating and editing multilayered files directly from Lightroom and Aperture, or even as a standalone application.

With Perfect Layers 2, you can go about changing skies, combining multiple exposures or multiple images using the built-in blend mode. This enables you to quickly create the image you want, as the process integrates into your existing workflow.

So what new features do you get?

  • Retouch Brush – also found in Perfect Portrait 1 – can be used to remove blemishes and dust spots on images
  • A file browser system allows you to quickly find and load the right files for editing
  • Combine multiple images into a layered Photoshop-compatible file
  • You can crop, adjust layer size and position where you want to blend them together
  • MaskingBug and MaskingBrush make the blending process simple

Lets look more closely at what these features do…

Blending and combining layers

Whether using Lightroom or Aperture, or as a standalone product, Perfect Layers 2 enables you to layer and blend multiple images together. Layering multiple copies of the same image is a technique many photographers will be familiar with, as this helps build character and style within an image. By changing the blending modes, you’ll be able to greater control the brightness, contrast and colour to enhance the appearance overall. You can also adjust the opacity of a layer to bring greater strength to the image.

MaskingBug and MaskingBrush

Users of PhotoTools 2.6 will already be familiar with these tools. MaskingBug and MaskingBrush let you control how much of a layer is visible. The MaskingBrush feature will enable you to ‘paint’ over the image to reveal or hide specific areas of a layer. MaskingBug helps you create gradient masks to emphasise vignettes and filter effect gradients. Both tools work together, and can be re-edited within Photoshop should you require.

Retouch Brush

A feature available on many of the new products, the Retouch Brush means you can quickly remove any unwanted blemishes, dust spots, power lines or other distractions from the image.

File Browser

The file browser provides a filmstrip style table so you can quickly browse and find the right files. You can also have several browser tabs open at the same time so you can find the multiple elements needed for your image.

onOne Perfect Layers 2 will be shipping from the end of November. You can learn more about it by watching the below video: