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Images with impact using Perfect Effects 3

In this next series of blogs, we’ll be taking a closer look at brand new offerings from onOne Software, which can all be found together in the new Perfect Photo Suite 6.

An introduction to onOne:

onOne are a leading specialist in photographic and image enhancement software, producing a wide range of plug-ins for use with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. Easy to use programmes are ideal for professional digital photographers, graphic designers or printers, making the sometimes difficult task of image editing as simple and quick as possible, making your workflow more productive.

You may already be familiar with some of the range, particularly the popular Plug-in-Suite 5, PhotoFrame and PhotoTools.

And now, there’s a whole new range of editing software to get stuck in to.

Perfect Photo Suite 6 contains 4 all-new pieces of software which you can also purchase as standalone items: Perfect Effects 3, Perfect Portrait 1, Perfect Layers 2 and Perfect Mask 5 are brand new, and accompany Perfect Resize 7, PhotoFrame 4.6 and FocalPoint 2 in the collection.

In our first entry, we take a closer look at Perfect Effects 3:

Perfect Effects is the next generation of the already popular PhotoTools range, and is a fast and easy way to create images with ‘impact’. Used with Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop – or as a standalone application – you can choose from over 300 professional photographic effects which can be previewed before applying to the image using the ‘Live Preview’ feature.

You also have the ability to ‘stack’ multiple effects together – similar to layering – to create your own unique take on the effects. A blending feature helps integrate effects together, giving you more control over your images. You can also limit effects to specific colours or tones. New manual controls mean you can further adjust colour strength, texture and tone to get the style you want.

Vintage Effects are all the rage at the moment, as are software and applications that give the look of traditional photography through digital effects. Perfect Effects offer you a host of stylised retro effects to get that old-school, grainy and textured look.

You can see more about Perfect Effects 3 in this video:

A great tool for giving your images that extra impact and style.

Perfect Effects 3 will be in stock very soon. You can learn more about it here.

Next week, we take a closer look at Perfect Portrait 1.