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Rain Design launch a new range of stylish stands for tablets, iPads and mobiles

Rain Design is pleased to announce the launch of four exciting new products that provide added comfort and hands free viewing for Apple users. mStand tablet, mStand tablet plus, mStand tabletpro and mStand mobile are additions to Rain Design’s best-selling mStand range.

mStand tablet

mStand tablet

mStand tablet allows hands-free use of your iPad or tablet. The acoustic base provides clearer sound and the iPad or tablet can be positioned in either portrait or landscape mode, while mStand tabletplus has the added feature of an adjustable viewing angle.

mStand tabletplus

mStand tablet pro

mStand tabletpro

The mStand tabletpro comes in two sizes: 9.7″ and 12.9″, which were created for the iPad Air/Pro 9.7″, and the iPad Pro 12.9″, respectively. The tabletpro has an adjustable viewing angle and height due to a simple slide ‘n’ lock mechanism for added comfort and flexibility. It can also be used as a second display when using a Macbook with an mStand laptop stand.

mStand mobile

mStand mobile

mStand mobile is a light-weight stand that holds your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode, allowing comfortable, hands-free viewing for all iPhone’s and the iPad mini. It is also compatible with most mobile devices and smaller tablets.

The innovative new stands feature Rain Design’s signature integration of ergonomics and style. The mStand tablet (RRP £29.40 incl. VAT), mStand tablet plus (RRP £38.30 incl. VAT), mStand tabletpro (RRP £67.10 incl. VAT) and mStand mobile (RRP £23.90 incl. VAT) are made of anodized aluminium and are available in silver, gold or space grey.

Rain Design offer an award-winning range of stylish products for PC and Apple users. All products offer added comfort and safety, helping to reduce strain related conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They can also help to extend the life of your machine and are designed to complement the sleek style of Apple equipment.

Other products in the range include the mRest Wrist & Mouse Pad, iLap, mTower, iSlider, i360 Turntable, mBase, iRest, iLevel2 and mStand laptop stands; all available in a choice of sizes and colours.


Welcome to our 100th post!

Welcome to our 100th blog!

Since we started this blog nearly 2 years ago, a lot has changed both in the world of colour management and here at Color Confidence Towers!

We’ve added a significant array of new products and brands to our ever growing portfolio of colour management solutions over the last few years, and have even branched out into the realms of Apple accessories. Here’s a flavour of what we’ve added since we started this blog:

Rain Design – use your Mac in added comfort and style

Rain Design offer an award-winning range of stylish products, designed to ensure that when you are using your Apple Macintosh laptop or desktop computer you do so with maximum comfort, added safety and in cool, complimentary style. From laptop stands to iPad rests, there’s plenty on offer to accommodate your Mac.

J5Create – Cross-platform file-sharing made easy

J5 develop software and hardware as well as manufacture monitor connected companion devices such as dongle and docking, allows users a single or multiple point of access to all kinds of personal computers including Tablets and in some cases mobile phones, as well as cross operating system sharing between two computers.

FFEI RealView Packager 3D

The definitive 3D visualisation software for fast carton packaging prototyping, RealVue 3D Packager is a versatile software tool for packaging professionals involved in design, client communication and production.

These are just a few, there’s a host of vendors, brands and products we’ve added since we started this blog, all available to view here.

And, to celebrate this blogging milestone (and reward those who read this far down the page), you can get free delivery off your next order by using the code BLOG100 when ordering (valid until 16th November 2012).

Terms and Conditions apply, please read here for full information.

onOne Perfect Suite 7 and a whole host of new products

We’ve just entered (probably) our busiest quarter of the year, so now would seem as good a time as any to introduce you to a host of new products on offer…

Perfect Photo Suite 7 from onOne Software is here (nearly)!

Most of you will be familiar with Perfect Photo Suite 6 – their next generation plug-in suite – and how easy it was to use. Well, now there’s a new version.

Perfect Photo Suite 7 gives you everything you need to realise your photographic visions in one package. Create images that are even more extraordinary with powerful new tools, new intuitive interface, improved performance, and direct integration with your workflow in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Apple Aperture. It will also work as a standalone application in its own right, allowing you to edit images in whichever way suits you best.

Stock is expected at the end of October – you can pre-order your copy here.

New, contemporary style with Booq Mamba

The Booq Mamba collection now boasts four new bag and case styles; providing elegant design with efficient practicality for transporting your laptop or MacBook in safety.

  • Mamba Courier – messenger style laptop bag available for 13 – 15” machines
  • Mamba Daypack – the old-school, vintage backpack for up to 15” laptops
  • Mamba Sleeve – Premium 15” laptop protection for the latest MacBooks
  • Mamba Slim –Sleek, natural fibre bag built to protect 13-15” laptops

You can view these, and the other stylish Booq bags here.

NEC introduce three new SpectraView displays

NEC now have 3 new monitor additions to their colour accurate SpectraView range – giving you all the advantage and benefits a SpectraView has to offer. Take a look:

Even more new stuff…

If you’re in the graphics industry and need to reproduce accurate skintone colours – take a look at the Pantone Plus SkinTone Guide, designed to give an accurate skin colour reference.

There’s also a new Rain Design laptop stand available – the iLevel – which gives dynamic and height adjustable features for your laptop.

Happy shopping!

PS, speaking of shopping, why don’t you have a nose at our eBay store

Has it stopped raining yet?

The glorious British summer is in full swing and you’re all out taking photographs and keeping busy… or, at least you would be if it could stop raining for 5 minutes. This has surely got to be one of the worst summer’s ever?

Let’s just hope it brightens up by the time the Sport rolls around in a few weeks’ time. Speaking of which, will you be watching them at home, work, on your iPhone or laptop this year?

If, like us, you don’t want to miss a kick (or shot, run, throw, serve, splash and jump for that matter) this summer then you ought to take a look at these useful accessories to make your viewing experience that little bit better…

Spyder4TV HD – television calibration

You should all be familiar with the art of monitor and display calibration for your computer, well the same technology can also be used to ensure your top of the range television displays colour as it should be. The Spyder4TV HD will ensure your television is optimised to deliver outstanding colour and image accuracy.

iPower Case – extra iPhone 4/4S power

Watching the sport on the go? Make sure you view a full day’s play with an iPower Case to effectively double the life of your smartphone battery.  iPower produce a range of integrated, slim, wearable and ergonomic multi-chargers for iPhone and Blackberry smartphones. View the range here.

Set up your iPad or laptop for the ultimate sports zone

Rain Design produce a range of laptop stands and iPad rests to ensure you can use them in optimum style and comfort at home, on your lap or at your desk – the ideal way to keep up with the action when at the office.

And make sure you keep your device protected on the move with the Booq collection of backpacks, bespoke laptop bags and iPad cases.

Come on the sport!

Time for some Focus

First blog post of 2011 – is it too late to wish you all a happy new year?!

Today’s post is a bit of a Focus on Imaging special.

If you’re into your photography, you probably know all about Europe’s largest annual imaging show already, but for those of you who don’t, take a look at the Focus website: www.focus-on-imaging.co.uk or watch this video to give you a flavour of the show.

From manufacturers to distributers, professionals to keen hobyists, a visit to Focus on Imaging really is a must if you take your imaging seriously. And – not forgetting – it’s a chance for you to come and meet us! (Hall 9, C11)

We love the show as it’s a great chance for us to meet you face-to-face. Every year our stand seems to get bigger and busier – and we expect this year to be no exception! The only downside is the slightly aching feet by the end of the show…

So what have we got in store for you this year I hear you ask?


This year we are running a ‘Colour Clinic‘ which gives you the opportunity to come and ask us anything. And we mean anything! Our technical team (who have over 30 years expereince in the industry) will all be on hand to tackle your questions and give you some expert help and guidance for all your colour management and imaging needs.

We also have a whole host of lovely new products for you to come and have a play with, including…

Again, our tech team will be on hand to demo all the above and more, and talk you through any questions you may have.

We’ll have a range of special show-only offers for you to take advantage of, and the chance for you to win an iPad! All you have to do is come and say hello and complete an entry form. Simples!

The first 500 visitors to our stand can also enjoy a FREE copy of our limited edition ‘Introduction To Colour’ magazine. So make sure you get here early!

Plus lots, lots more…

If you fancy coming along, you can register here for 20% off the standard admission fee.

We hope to see you there!

Adam Borriello
Social media & marketing