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Time to celebrate this weekend! (If you live in the UK…)

So, rather inevitably, as the Jubilee weekend rolls around, the sunshine has well and truly disappeared and the cloudy drizzle had arrived (well, in Birmingham anyway, congratulations if the sun is shining you…).

Anyway, how many of you are attending some street parties, or, more importantly, are designated photographer for the event?

If so, you may want to make sure you have these 3 essential items with you to ensure you take the best picture every time and image edit in confidence.

  1. X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
    This should be the first thing you take with you on any shoot – whether in the studio, or outside. The passport offers first hand camera DNG profiling and RAW workflow editing. It consists of three photographic targets: White Balance Target for accurate control, Classic Target consisting of 24 patch colours references for creating camera profiles, and a Create Enhancement Target for highlight and shadow details.
  2. Datacolor Spyder4Express monitor calibrator
    If you don’t “colour manage”, a monitor calibrator (to ensure colour is displayed accurately on your monitor) is a great place to start. The Datacolor Spyder4Express is the ideal ‘beginners’ calibrator for a single monitor which is simple and affordable.
  3. Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2
    Creating Black & White images just got a whole lot easier. Black and white images immediately carry a timeless, classic feel – perfect to capture the jubilee moment.

The above are a sure-fire way to ensure you capture your Jubilee images accurately, and edit them afterwards in confidence.

And, to celebrate the Jubilee, we’ll be giving you free delivery on eligible orders this weekend – starting this afternoon!

Check back to www.colorconfidence.com for more information. Enjoy the break!

Brand New For January – Introducing Datacolor Spyder4

Launched today, we’re pleased to announce three brand new monitor calibration devices from Datacolor – the Spyder4 range.

You will probably be familiar with the Datacolor brand, indeed many of you reading this now will more than likely use, or have used a Spyder device to calibrate your screen (By the way, if you’re a photographer or graphic designer and aren’t calibrating your screen, read our post here to see why you really should be).

The Spyder2 and Spyder3 range quickly established themselves as both ‘no-nonsense’ devices for accurate monitor calibration, with the option for greater control over the calibration process if required. The Spyder4 series continues this straight-forward, but detailed approach with the latest range.

As before, there are three levels of device tailored to meet the needs of various users. All feature Datacolor’s patented 7-colour sensor which improves on the traditional 3-channel RGB sensors found on other devices. Basically, this means you get a more accurate, reliable calibration. The Spyder4 range is also geared to calibrate an iPad – available by downloading the free App.

Lets have a closer look at the range…


This is the entry-level/beginner model, ideal for image and photography enthusiasts, or for those looking for a quick, but accurate calibration. If you’re relatively new to the process, this is the device for you. It comes with wizard-style software to guide you through the process, making it as straight-forward and easy to understand as possible. You can learn more about Spyder4Express here.


This is Datacolor’s intermediate level monitor calibrator, suitable for more advanced photographers or creative professionals. The Spyder4Pro is a perfect solution for those with more knowledge of the monitor calibration process, or seeking greater control and customisation when calibrating. The Spyder4Pro comes with ‘Monitor Quality Analyser’ (MQA) software, for calibration testing plus gamut, gamma and white point graphing. It also has an ambient light sensor to integrate your working environment conditions into the calibration. You can also calibrate multiple monitors, as long as they’re setup on the same system.

If you’re looking for greater control of colour management and the calibration process, this is the device for you. You can learn more about Spyder4Pro here.


The Spyder4Elite is an advanced monitor calibration device developed for pro photographers and creative profesionals, or for those whereby precise, accurate on-screen colour is essential. This solution offers the highest level of monitor calibration and projector profiling customisation. The Spyder4Elite has the same features as the Spyder4Pro, plus extra capabilities to take the calibration process up a notch. Advanced MQA (with extra features than the Pro version) software means you can also graph luminance and colour uniformity.

With the Spyder4Elite, you can calibrate multiple monitors and workgroups – ideal for studio use. The software also features SpyderTune software, the ultimate fine tuning tool for displays.

This really is a device for those that know what they’re doing! You can learn more about Spyder4Elite here.

We’re looking to do an in-depth analysis of these devices once we’ve had chance to have a play with them! Keep checking back to the blog and our website over the next few weeks to get our take on the Spyder4 Range.